Zara | Two Months Old

What?! Another month has passed already? I seriously cannot get over just how fast the days go when you have children. Some days are such a blur, but yes our baby is now 2 months old (someone hold me while I cry!).


Well Zara has certainly grown loads since her last update. We had her weighed at 6 weeks (so 2 weeks ago now) and she was 10lbs 4oz! That was certainly a leap from the 8lbs 8oz, it’s amazing to know that it’s from the power of breast milk! We’ve just started putting her into 0-3 month clothing, even if they are a bit big, but up to one month were getting tight around her feet. We also bought her some leggings in 0-3 and they were so tight around her belly, so 3-6 it was!


Zara is still in our bed and we’re happy with that because we all get maximum sleep! Most nights she’ll wake twice but there is that odd night where she’ll only wake once! It’s amazing! Still can’t get my head around all the extra sleep after two bad sleepers.


I am totally loving breastfeeding Zara! There is definitely no more pain and I’ve even stopped using lanolin cream! Zara is still a pro, takes her around 5 minutes per feeding and she only ever has one side at a time which is ideal! She still feeds every 2 hours during the day but I guess she’s making up for those extra hours during the night!


Zara’s started cooing and making all those cute baby noises, like she’s trying to talk to us, and she smiles non-stop! I love having a conversation with her. She’s also started pulling herself forward, I guess she’s prepping her tummy muscles ready for when she can sit up!


At the moment Zara loves being held upright so she can see everything, she’s super nosey, and she loves her mommy! She’s definitely a mommy’s girl. If I’m not holding her, she’ll search the room and as soon as she spots me that’s where her eyes stay until I’m holding her again! Zara also loves being sung too. I’m forever singing random songs to her and she always has a huge smile on her face!

She doesn’t like having her dummy at night, which isn’t a bad thing! There isn’t much she doesn’t like at the moment, that I’ve noticed anyway!

Zara had her 6-8 week doctors check and immunisations just last week. The doctor was very pleased with her and said everything was perfect with her (they checked her spine, hips and some other things). She even flashed a few smiles which got the doctor broody!

She wasn’t a fan of her immunisations, and even though I tried to feed her during she wouldn’t have it and just screamed the nurse’s room down! It was heartbreaking. She slept all afternoon after them and slept for 90% of the day after. But she’s back to herself now and is just as lively as ever.

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