Top 5 YouTube Channels: For Kids

My kids love watching videos on YouTube, it’s their favourite way to relax and chill out after a busy day, but there are so many videos out there (some that shouldn’t even be advertised to children) and it’s a job in itself to ensure they’re watching appropriate videos. There are so many great YouTube channels for children, but these are some of our favourites.

1. Wow English TV

We’ve only recently discovered this channel, but Steve and Maggie have had a massive impact on the children. Steve, the guy behind the channel, is an English teacher and his videos are all about introducing children to the English language whilst being fun and educational. His songs are so catchy and we all get up and sing along when we’re watching the videos. Keira especially loves Maggie the magpie, probably because she’s a mischievous bird! What I love about this channel, is that it introduced the children to ghosts, witches and other monsters through Halloween videos but in a friendly way so it encourages them to not be afraid.

2. Blippi

I have to admit, when I first saw Blippi I found his videos quite annoying but the more I watch, the more I’m enjoying them. His silly dances really make me giggle and the kids love dancing along. Blippi makes plenty of fun and educational videos which help the children to learn as they watch. In some of Blippi’s videos, we’re shown how different farming vehicles work and also how construction vehicles work (which Joshua loves) all whilst teaching the children about colours and numbers.

3. CookieSwirlC

Although this channel isn’t exactly education the kids love it! The creator makes videos of themselves playing with toys that the children not only recognise but love. Some videos also contain the opening of surprise eggs and blind bags (which I’m sure most parents are fully aware of). With over 6 million subscribers, this channel has loads of fun, family-friendly videos to offer.

4. Ryan ToysReview

Admittedly, I can’t stand this channel but for some reason the kids love it! It’s all about a boy, called Ryan, playing with toys and doing reviews as well as surprise eggs and unboxing. There are some educational videos on this channel and the children definitely learn from it, I think it helps that it’s a child just like them.

5. Kiddie Land Toys & Learning

Another YouTube channel that plays with toys, but this is more educational because they use the toys to teach colours and numbers. This channel includes a lot of slime in their videos and getting the toys dirty, which the children love. It also features a rather creepy Skye (from Paw Patrol) hard on a doll’s body.

A few of our other favourites include Baby Big Mouth (for educational surprise egg openings), Toys Unlimited (for more toy playing videos) and Super Simple Songs (for nursery rhymes).

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  1. Bex

    24 February, 2018 at 6:49 am

    Fletcher is a massive fan of Blippi too! And we watch little baby bum too x

  2. Bex

    24 February, 2018 at 6:51 am

    Fletcher has recently discovered Blippi, he loves it! I think he’s crazy. We love Little baby bum too x

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