Where Have I Been?

Well, allow me to apologise for my absence. I took a huge break from blogging, as well as vlogging, but I am here! For how long, I don’t know but I’m going to try and get back into blogging again. There is so much to update you all on, I don’t even know where to start? Maybe with the most exciting, who doesn’t love a pregnancy update?

It would appear that we are expecting our third child (hence why the domain change). SURPRISE!! Yep it was a surprise for us too but I guess we’ll be getting all the babies out the way. I’m currently 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant so I’m not too far into the pregnancy and I’ll definitely be blogging my way through it, even if there isn’t much to tell you just yet. Our due date is 28th August but knowing me and how my previous pregnancies have gone, I’ll more than likely go over and have a September baby. We are super excited though and we’ll be finding out the gender on 7th April so I’m going through gender reveal ideas!
Here’s an updated picture of Keira. She is such a big girl now, and such a clever cloggs! There’s loads to update you on about her, but I’ll save that for a separate post. She has embraced toddler-hood and being a two year old very well, she even got the notes on how to tantrum hehe. Although she can be a typical two year old, most of the time she’s a very loving and caring little girl who loves a good snuggle with mommy watching Despicable Me.

And here’s our Joshua. I know, I know he’s all grown up now! Can you believe that he’s now 8 months old!! I’m still struggling with it. He is such a clever little boy and he surprises me every day with something new. I don’t want to go into details because I’ll do Joshua his own update post but he’s a cheeky little sod!
So that’s us! We’re all doing splendidly and we still have Oti, he’s a very cheeky puppy, and we’ve got loads to share with you all. So I hope you can accept my apology for disappearing but I don’t plan on going anywhere for awhile now.
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