What Sunday Means to Me

For as long as I can remember Sunday’s were always about lounging around in our pyjama’s, watching rubbish telly and being pure lazy. Some days I barely left the sofa, only moving to use the loo or to make another cup of tea.

Since becoming a parent, that has changed. No longer can I just slob out on the sofa all day – those kids don’t even let me sit down for 5 minutes! Now Sunday’s are for scoffing on roasters while cooking a roast dinner. Painting and play doh. Eating chocolate until we’re sick and having Disney movies on the TV all day. Of course all of this is to be done whilst we’re in our pyjamas.

Sunday is that final day of rest before the working week begins again, we get weekend blues as we climb into bed waiting for Monday to show its ugly face.

I always enjoy Sunday’s with my family, ensuring that I spend as much of the day with a smile on my face as possible (because it’s the only day I get off nappy duty)!

Sometimes we visit family on Sunday, and that’s a lovely occasion to. Normally filled with lots of smiles and giggles as cousins get to play together and we get to indulge in real adult conversation – although 80% of the conversations are based on the children.

So I’ve been asking some of my fellow bloggers to tell me what Sunday is to them. Sure most of us have similar traditions but I love knowing just how everyone likes to spend this relaxing day! Whether it’s a stroll through the park or a day with the grandparents, everyone has their own special thing to do on a Sunday.

“Sunday is family time for us! I often enjoy a sneaky lie-in first, while daddy and daughter have some quality time playing at home. Then we all go out together, usually somewhere outdoors; such as parks, countryside walks or exploring woodlands.”
– Kate (Living Our Way)

“Sunday is Junior park run followed by dog walking and bike riding. Possibly baking before visiting Grandma and Grandad. Then it is home to get the ironing done and get everything ready for school.”
– Leyla (This Day I Love)

“Sundays for us is usually supporting one of our boys and his U12 football team in the Sunday league. An over piled plate of Sunday dinner. Catch up on washing and a red hot bath before bed.”
– Sherry (Kits & Vixen)

“Sunday here is all about a cooked breakfast and me getting a lie in while my fella and son talk football!” 
– Jen (Just Average Jen)

“We have winter Sundays and summer Sundays. Winter Sundays are all about leaving something in the slow cooker while we go out with our four children on a wintery walk and come back to enjoy hot chocolates in front of the tv. Summer Sundays are all about BBQs that last all day, outdoor games and as many friends and family that we can cram into our little garden.”
– Kerry (Kerry Shaw Mummy of Four)

“Sundays for us mean a morning swim with the Grandparents, a big cooked breakfast and something exciting in the afternoon – this week it’s the aquarium!”
– Jessica (That Mummy Blog)

“Sundays for us mean football! In the morning my daughter plays for the under 9 team I manage. And in the afternoon I manage a women’s team who play in division 1 of the women’s tables. I’d hope to come home to a roast but most weekends I come home to my kids still in their pyjamas!”
– Vikki (Mum Times Two)

“Lazy morning in bed while the child uses her tablet. PJs on until lunchtime when we finally venture out for some fresh air. Then a mad tidy up late afternoon and a panic when I realise I’ve forgotten to wash school uniforms and work clothes.”
– Sarah (Digital Motherhood)

“Staying in bed and blogging, schedule the rest of the week’s posts in advance, a family walk and Sunday dinner over my mum’s before baths and beds.”
– Emma (Even Angels Fall)

“In the winter, Sundays usually involve Sunday dinner with my parents but in the summer months we work almost every Sunday shooting family portraits and engagement sessions! I run a photography company with my hubby (Cross-Jones Photography).”
– Chantele (Two Hearts One Roof)

Ah is it not lovely to hear of all the different things we do on a Sunday? What does Sunday mean to you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Sunday for me is all about a Roast and a lie-in! Mr C usually lets me lie-in until about 9 which is heaven in a house with 2 under 3! And then it's a roast either here or with family… I try really hard to forget about everything else on Sunday – blogging, housework etc! #MarvMondays

  2. Oh how my Sundays have changed since becoming a mom. We used to get up any time from 8am, have a lazy day doing absolutely nothing, catching up on tv, watching films, eating rubbish, enjoying a roast dinner and prepairing for work the next morning. Bloody Mondays. Now, I get up anytime around 4am after having about 3 hours asleep, find something on tv for the kids to watch because not even CBeebies has started yet. Then there's a bottle prepare, breakfast to prepare as well as my much needed cup of tea, cannot do without that. Rest of the day is filled with nappy changes, housework, more bottle prep, meal and snack prep, cooking roast dinner, sometimes having family over or going to them before bed time finally comes at 6-7pm. X

  3. A Sunday to me is my rest day from workouts I have during the week, Nick and I and our baby girls spend the day chilling, watching Disney/Pixar movies and just generally staying put in eachothers company 🙂

  4. Sundays are normally one of my favourite days of the week! I sleep in as long as possible, have a go at tidying my room, plan my meals for the week ahead, do a food shop, and enjoy just taking the day to myself! Recently however, Sundays have been spent travelling from one place to another as I haven't actually spent a weekend at home for a while and even the next couple of weeks are looking busy! Thanks for sharing your Sundays and those of others with us!

  5. I'm not sure when Sundays stopped being a family day with long dog walks and fun and started being a day when I spend all morning cooking a roast, all afternoon cleaning and all evening ironing and blogging! 2017 is the year for getting our Sundays back!

  6. This is a lovely post – I love my Sundays – because it is a day for family, just hanging out, chilling and doing nothing. We used to have sports but now that's been shifted to the weekdays so I absolutely love the lazy Sundays. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  7. This is such a lovely post! I really enjoyed reading others answers too. Sundays for me mean some "me" time because little man has a boys day with dad usually and it's nice to just recharge because the nursery run starts again on Monday and we are back to life on the go!

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  8. I love nothing more than chilling in my PJs on a Sunday but the boys now play football and I barely get the opportunities. Hopefully, I'm due one soon! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

  9. Sundays used to be a day to sleep late, then day drinking at the bar watching sports. Now I'm up at the crack of dawn and am watching Spongebob as I read and comment on blogs! #happydays

  10. Sunday is a relaxing day for us, we normally watch a movie or if it is nice we might go for a walk. Can't wait for more sunny days! Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

  11. I know this is an older post. Sundays consist of cleaning the house (we live with my husband’s parents). Sundays when I was a child was of course easier. I remember Sundays we always had dinner at grandma’s (maternal) house. I miss those days.

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