West Midlands Safari Park | Days Out

We took a trip to the West Midlands Safari Park last week and it was such a memorable experience. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment spent their and Keira enjoyed seeing all of the animals. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the sun never vanished once, we couldn’t have picked a better day to go!
Keira’s favourite animal was definitely the zebras. She would shout and giggle whenever she spotted one and her eyes were forever fixed on them! We went through the Lemur walkthrough and Keira loved seeing the little birds and lemurs, as we got to the area where the goats were roaming free, Keira decided that she wasn’t too sure about them. She walked over to one and attempted to touch him but he bleated and she it frightened her so badly! Poor girl.
There isn’t much that I can say about the day so I’ll leave you with a few pictures, they speak a thousand words.

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