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As Zara approaches that 6 month mark, I get even more excited to start weaning and this time we’re going straight in for baby led weaning. With Keira we used just purees, bought from the shop. We used both homemade purees and some baby led weaning with Joshua, it was fine and he done really well. I definitely enjoyed making my own purees though so even though I have every intention of doing baby led, I’m sure I’ll end up doing some purees again.
Of course I have loads of bowls and plates all over my kitchen (I need a whole cupboard dedication to bowls, plates and cups) but of course there are some new bits that we need to buy. So here is my weaning wishlist!
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We're almost at 6 months with Zara so it's nearly time for weaning. I've been thinking about some of the products I'm going to need.

I love the look of these bibs and I know the importance of having a bib that covers everything while weaning, the mess is unreal and less washing is always a plus!

A book on baby led weaning will always help. It helps to fight those fears and just makes the whole process a lot easier. I never had one with Keira or with Joshua and I sort of just winged it, but I think we’ll do it properly this time.
Both Keira and Joshua have a munchkin 360 cup so I know that I’ll be getting Zara one straight away! I love the look of them and they work really well with the other too so I’m sure that Zara will enjoy hers just as much.
We already have loads of spoons; a set for Keira and a set for Joshua, so of course Zara needed her own set rather than hand me down spoons. These ones from Oxo Tot look perfect.
I know that I am doing baby led weaning but I know I’ll want to puree some stuff too so instead of spending loads of money on steamers, blenders and loads of other nonsense. This mill from Oxo Tot is perfect for the job!
What do you have on your wishlist? Is there an essential item that you would recommend?

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