Two Under Two

I have to admit that having two under two definitely is no walk in the park. I knew it was going to be a challenge and everyone told me that it wasn’t going to be easy. But I am loving every minute of it. Yes my house might be a little messier than usual and yes there may be a pile of ironing growing in the basket but who cares? Me and my children are happy and loved and that’s all that matters! I’d always said that I wanted two children under the age of two, so that they could grow up being similar in age with hopes of them being the best of friends and having similar interests so we was able to get that spot on! (Here’s to hoping they grow up to be the best of friends too!)
I have to say though, you definitely do adapt and you just get on with it.

I think that if I wasn’t breastfeeding Joshua it would definitely be a lot easier. I have spent so much time feeding Joshua since he’s been born that I haven’t actually been able to spend as much time as I’d like to with Keira. Although as soon as I have been able to put Joshua down I have been straight by her side trying to interact with her, even if she moans because she was happily playing on her own.
I’m forever grateful that Keira decided to start sleeping through once Joshua was born because it has made night feeds so much easier. On the nights that Keira has awoken I’ve had to send Darren in because I’m normally tending to Joshua.
Leaving the house is definitely something we’re working on as it takes us far too long to leave the house. We always get to the point of being ready to leave and someone’s either been sick everywhere, had a poo or throwing a strop so it ends up taking us ages haha! I definitely have to plan outfits and pack the changing bag the night before so that it’s one less thing to worry about.
Keira always seems to know when Joshua is having an off day and chooses that day to play up. I tend to use the phrases “No Keira, that’s dangerous” and “Keira stop poking Joshua in the eyes” a lot. But we get through them and I’m relieved for Darren to get home so that he can take Keira off my hands.
My top tips for staying sane are:
The housework can wait 
There’s no rush for the housework, you can always do it when both children are asleep; at least that way it’ll stay clean until the morning!
Don’t change their routine
I’ve added Joshua to Keira’s routine. I think that this lets her know that everything is exactly the same as before, just with an extra mouth to feed! Nothing about Keira’s routine has changed and she’s happily accepted Joshua as a part of her routine now; like giving him kisses and cuddles in the morning and at bedtime.
Get them involved
Keira is forever passing me nappies and wipes when it’s time for a bum change. She even uses a wipe to help wipe Joshua during the bum change and she loves being involved. She also loves giving Joshua his blanket if he cries and she tries to give him his dummy if she’s seen me do it once already. Lastly, I always try and get her to sit next to me for a cuddle when I’m feeding Joshua. I don’t want her to feel like me feeding Joshua is me giving him cuddles and not her so I always try to involve her.
Kids TV is okay!
As much as I cannot stand the voice of Peppa Pig and the jiggle of the Ninky Nonk, I’m grateful that Keira will happily sit and watch TV, even if it is for a short period of time. It gives me that extra 10 or so minutes to sort Joshua out without having to worry about Keira.
You do just find your own way of doing things, and some toddlers are lot more dependent on mommy than others, but you all quickly adjust to having a new baby in the home and as much as I did struggle at the beginning I know it will eventually get easier and they’ll soon be occupying each other and teaching other new tricks to wind up mommy and daddy. But for now I’m not even going to stress about it, it feels like both Keira and Joshua have been apart of our lives forever and some days I can’t believe that I am a mommy to these two beautiful children. I’m definitely going to bed with a smile every night.

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