What to Pack when Traveling with Children

Spring in the UK is a bit hit and miss with the weather, but that doesn't stop us going on holiday. Here's a handy list of what to pack for your children.

We’re off on holiday soon, nowhere fancy, we’re just going to Somerset for a week. UK holidays are our best option with having 3 young children, there’s no way I could get on an airplane with these 3! Now I know how infuriating packing can be, and I am by no means an organised packer, but I thought I would show you some ideas of what to pack for the children during a holiday in the UK.


Now UK weather has been a bit hit and miss recently. It has been raining and cold one minute and hot the next, so I never know what to wear or what to pack. It’s only May so I’m not expecting sunshine every day (although I would love it not to rain), I am however packing for both weather conditions. My dad once told me to take my coat everywhere because you can always take it off but if you don’t have it, and you need it, you can’t put it on. Wise man he is.


Underwear and socks – enough for a week, plus a few spare.

Pyjamas – 3 sets each

7x tops each – mixture of t-shirts, long sleeve tops and jumpers

7x bottoms each – mixture of leggings, jeans, shorts and tracksuit bottoms

7x dresses for both girls (to wear on the night when we watch the entertainment)

2x hoodies/jackets each for Keira and Joshua

3x cardigans each for the girls

Swimwear for each

Sunhats and tights

I will state that as we’re staying on a Haven site, we have access to washing facilities that we, more than likely, will be using. So I’m not packing more than we need because there is the option of washing anything that needs it.



Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Nappies for Zara and Joshua

Baby wipes (lots of!)

Nappy sacks

Juice cups (2 each)

Nappy rash cream

Cutlery (because many restaurants don’t provide small cutlery for children)

Bibs and muslin squares

Hooded towels (2 each, one for baths one for swimming)

Shoes – mixture of trainers, shoes, sandals and wellies

So I think that just about covers it. In all honesty, I never know what to pack and some may think that this is a bit overboard but with the UK weather being so unpredictable, I would much rather pack more than I needed rather than pack too less and be without.

On top of all of this will be our Cosatto Supa Dupa double stroller and our Connecta baby carrier. Keira is happy to walk and we normally have Zara and Joshua in the double, but for the days when Keira may get a little tired it’ll help have the Connecta so we can baby wear Zara and Keira gets a rest in the pushchair!

Plus we have a 3 bedroom caravan to use an extra room as storage, just in case.

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Spring in the UK is a bit hit and miss with the weather, but that doesn't stop us going on holiday. Here's a handy list of what to pack for your children.

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  1. I actually pack a lot less than that because I always do a load of laundry half way through the week. It’s much easier for me that way 🙂

    1. It probably looks like loads but with 3 children there’s a lot to pack haha. Plus the weather is hit and miss so I’ve made sure we have clothes for both warm and cold weather – that’s probably where to bulk comes in.

  2. While I don’t have children myself, I can totally pass this on to friends who have kids. I know they are always travelog and looks for tips. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I thought I was doing good just remembering the babies. 🙂 I would say, if you are worried about over or under packing, think about where you’re going. If they have a grocery store, you’ll survive even if you forget something. No need to stress!

  4. Great advice! I am so good at packing for my kids now although it does change so much and this year we have been on a ski-ing trip and a camping trip which required major planning!

  5. Wonderful post! I remember when the kids were little .. the amount of things we took with us on trips increased 10 fold. It’s crazy how many things they needed. Your list is wonderful. I wish I’d have had it back in the day!

  6. Great list! Mom’s gotta always be prepared! I get overwhelmed packing with just one lol I could only imagine thebwork that goes into packing with 3. Have fun on your trip!

  7. Oh gosh, I wouldn’t know where to start! I imagine having laundry facilities will come in super handy with three little ones, though. Have a lovely holiday! <3

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  8. Hi! I am Lauren a newbie to blogging. I have just stated my blogging career and visiting other bloggers to understand the techniques of successful blogging. You have a wonderful blog can you give your technical tips to be a successful blogger like you. Many Thanks.

    1. Thank you 🙂 That means a lot. As far as tips go, I would say just write what you love. If you aren’t enjoying blogging, then you’re doing it wrong. Also, don’t get caught up in the numbers game.

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