Top 10 Newborn Essentials (From a Third Time Mum)

Being a mom to three I have definitely been through my fair share of products and have found that there are a lot of products advertised that you don’t really need. Now, I won’t be mentioning the real essentials such as nappies, car seats, pushchairs etc but more the little products that quickly become life savers! Those newborn essentials.

Baby's need very little in those early days, but these are definitely the items I could never go without these newborn essentials.

Baby's need very little in those early days, but these are definitely the items I could never go without these newborn essentials.
1. Muslin Squares These are such a widely used product that it’d be silly not to have them! Whether you’re breast or bottle feeding they are super handy! You can use them during feeding, as a blanket, as a swaddle (if you get the big ones) and there are so many more uses for them! I couldn’t imagine life without them now!

2. Barrier Lotion/Nappy Rash Cream So I use two different types of cream for this. For everyday use I apply the Metanium Everyday Barrier Lotion and that helps to keep away any irritation. On the days that he does get a rash I apply the Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment. I know that everyone has their own preferences regarding nappy rash cream but I find Metanium to work best for us. What I did notice was that Joshua got way more nappy rashes than Keira did, but I think that was mainly down to the fact that he was breastfed and he was pooping at every feed making his bum sore, so this cream definitely got its uses and it lasts forever because you only need to apply a thin layer!

3. Nursing Pillow There are many various different styles and prices for these pillows but they all essentially do the same thing. I have a Widgey Donut Nursing Pillow, but they’re all the same. I found it handy for everything, not only while breastfeeding. I could use it as arm support while bottle feeding or while Joshua slept and I need something to help hold my arm up. I used it for tummy time and to help aid Joshua when he wanted to sit up but wasn’t stable enough. It’s just a super handy product!

4. Scratch Mitts I find these super handy during the first couple of weeks. Those babies have super sharp nails and they always manage to scratch their little faces. Although nowadays most sleepsuits you buy have integrated scratch mitts which are super, super handy!

5. Travel Changing Mat Most changing bags have these included now. I find them super handy when out and about because I’ve been to some places and used the baby changing facilities but they have been horribly dirty. I wouldn’t want to place my precious one down on there, so it’s always fab to be able to use your own knowing it’s clean and hygienic. 

6. Hand Sanitizer I find whatever is on offer the best option, but hand sanitizer is always great to have to hand, especially when you need to change a nappy at night. Not everyone wants to get up and go wash their hands after, so having a bottle of this by your bed is super handy.

7. Water Wipes I never knew about these when Keira was a baby but I used them with Joshua and they are fantastic! They’re basically cotton wool and water but in a packet! There’s nothing in them at all! They’re a bit pricey but it saves having to fill a bowl of water every time you need to change baby’s bum. They’re also great if, like me, you can’t stand the feel of cotton wool!

8. Nappy Sacks These are still used in my everyday life. They’re great for everything! Not only do they help mask that poopy nappy smell, but they can hold any wet or soiled clothes (saves buying a wet/dry bag) and they can hold any uneaten food! I never leave the house without them!

9. Swing Chair These aren’t really a necessity but they are great to have around the house. I found myself holding Joshua to sleep a lot, just like I did Keira, but it meant I was limited to the things I could do. The swing provided that gentle movement of being rocked along with my freedom to move around freely! I could even pee! 

10. Stretchy Wrap This is probably the best thing I bought when Joshua was born. I was forever worrying about how I’d get things done with a newborn and a toddler, how would I have a spare set of hands if Joshua was fussy and wanted constant cuddles. Introduce the stretchy wrap! You can get these from pretty much anywhere and they come in a variety of colours and prices. I got mine from Victoria Sling Lady and I cannot fault the product! It’s fantastic, it’s the first item I recommend to not only new mum’s, but to mums of more than one child! My favourite newborn essential.

What one item did you find helped you the most during the newborn days?

Baby's need very little in those early days, but these are definitely the items I could never go without these newborn essentials.

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