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Finding a bike that fitted Keira was always going to be difficult, for an almost 3 year old she’s on the smaller side on things. Keira received a balance bike last Christmas off her grandparents and she’s still too small to use it. She’s desperate to get out and about but her ride on is now a bit small for her. When we heard off Toddlebike to review the Toddlebike2 I was sure that this could be the thing for us! I knew it would be great for Joshua as well, our 16 month old, as he loves to do everything his big sister does!

The Toddlebike is a unique pre-balance bike, it’s small and super lightweight weighing in at an impressive 0.8kg! It has 4 narrow wheels, which is perfect for toddlers to climb on and off as they learn about balance. The Toddlebike is perfect for those little hands and is suitable from 18 to 36 months.

Keira very confidently climbed onto the Toddlebike without any hesitation and instantly knew what to do, I guess with her being nearly 3 instincts kicked in and she just knew how to do it. Joshua, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure. He was just about able to climb onto it thanks to the low height of the crossbar, although he did struggle to get off by himself. I’m sure he’ll get it the more he practises. At the moment he only stands over the crossbar, he hasn’t worked out that you need to sit on the saddle, and he walks with it. Toddlebike describe 5 steps that children usually take when using a Toddlebike. I’d say Joshua was at stage 3, which is to move with the Toddlebike. He also likes to pick it up and walk with it, which was easy due it being super lightweight. The wheels are fab too and have managed most terrains so far. We’ve been on grass, concrete, tarmac and even through mud without any problems! I wonder how it would be across sand? What I loved most is while we were out, and Keira no longer wanted to ride the Toddlebike, it was easy to hook over the pushchair handlebars until she wanted to use it again.

The frame of the Toddlebike is super sturdy, given just how light it is, and it has withstood many crashes into furniture and walls, as well as being used as a step ladder to climb onto the sofa. There is also a built-in steering limiter so it can’t be spun all the way around while travelling, which is fab when they’re whizzing around.

The Toddlebike2 has been a fantastic addition to our living room and certainly gets played with, by both children, several times a day! All the scooting around is great exercise and we’ve had many races, always with Keira being the winner of course! It comes in 3 colours, Racing Red, Pinky Pink and Midnight Blue. They’re available to buy on the website, as well as from John Lewis, at the retail price of £23.95. A fantastic price for what you get. 

*I was sent this product for the purposes of a review. All views and opinions are my own.*

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