The Siblings Project June 2016

Now that Joshua is fast approaching being a year old, it’s easy to see just how close they’re relationship is. Everyone told me that they’d have a close bond, a friend for life, due to how close in age they are and I really can see it. 

They don’t always get along. Joshua is forever trying to be right next to his big sister no matter what she is doing and sometimes Keira just needs her space to do her own thing. Joshua doesn’t understand this and he always ends up getting pushed to the ground or having Keira shout at him.

When they do get along and play together it always involves lots of giggles followed by a few cuddles and secret kisses. Not to mention a messy front room and a hyper dog! I just hope that adding another baby to the mix isn’t going to interfere with their relationship, I also hope that this baby will be accepted and allowed to join their little gang!
The Me and Mine Project

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