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I love going to bed. Lovely relaxing shower, fresh, just washed, bed sheets and comfy pyjamas make the perfect setting. Not forgetting that cheeky bedtime snack. 

I was tagged by Jenna at Tiny Footsteps to do the bedtime tag! 10 simple questions all about how I do bedtime. I’m so excited. Here goes…

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Describe your usual bedtime routine.
I don’t really have a set routine, but a normal night consists of kids in bed (and asleep) by 8. Then I’ll tidy up, have a shower and scramble into bed with Darren. Once in bed I’ll pull the laptop out while Darren finds something on TV. Around 10/11pm I normally call it a night.

What are your favourite pyjamas?

I have a really old, but really comfy, pair of pj bottoms that I love! I normally match them with one of Darren’s t-shirts.

What is your current bedtime reading?

I click on bloglovin and read all the new posts!

What would I find on your bedside table?

Two books from the Divergent series, a cup from the night before and some coconut oil.

What scent makes you sleepy?

I don’t think I’ve got a particular scent that would make me sleepy. 

What is your usual bedtime and wakeup time?

Around 7am wake up and anywhere between 10 and 11pm for sleep.

What are your top three bedtime products?

Coconut oil on my face. A night light. A decent pillow.

What is your most common sleeping position? 

Oh I’m all about the belly sleeping! I do sometimes sleep on both sides, never my back. 

Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?

A little snack (usually a yogurt) and a drink. 

What is your worst bedtime habit?

Sitting on Facebook!! Drives me barmy endlessly scrolling through Facebook then moaning that I can’t sleep.

So I’m going to tag some lovely bloggers

Rose (Bell and Bear

So there you have it, that’s how I do bedtime. Do you have any set routine?

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