Rimmel’s Super Gel Nail Polish Review

I received this little set in the post, it’s Rimmel’s new Super Gel nail polish. They claim it to last  up to 14 days and that it’s just as good as gel or shellac (where you need a UV light to cure the polish) but without the use of a UV light. I received the colour 025 Urban Purple and a gel top coat. 
This post is not sponsored nor were we sent this product to review. 

I don’t have the prettiest of nails but they’re decent looking while I’m pregnant (thank you hormones) and a few have just recently broken but who cares? 

So the directions say to apply 1-2 coats of the Super Gel colour, I opted for 2 coats. I was quite impressed with the results after just the first coat. I tried to apply it as thinly as possibly but it still covered pretty well and it dried quickly too (which is great when you have little pickles to look after).

I don’t really think I can see much difference between the first and second coat, the second coat is possibly just a little bit darker in colour. Once again it dried pretty quickly.

Once all was dry I applied the top coat and you could instantly see the great shine it gave. It didn’t apply a thick coat, but it wasn’t too thin either. It too dried really quickly and the results are fantastic!
The only time I’ve had super shiny nails is when I’ve either visited a nail salon or when I’ve used a gel top coat and cured under a UV light. I’m hoping it lasts as long as 2 weeks, but I will update with the progress as I go along. So look out for the updates! 


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