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We’ve been trying to potty train Keira for a few months now and every time we get a step forward, we have an accident and take two steps back. So it felt like a never ending journey, one where we wouldn’t see the end. Potty training has always been a scary thought, how would we tackle being outside without a nappy, what if there was accidents outside? It was very daunting.
We started off at home, I’d let Keira roam around without anything on her bottom half and kept the potty out for her to use. She’d been telling us for a while if she needed a wee or a poo so it felt like the right time. When the potty was needed, she’d happily toddle off to it and do her business. We was doing really well and I decided it was time to invest in some knickers, Keira picked herself out a lovely pack and she was really excited to wear them, the problem we had was that she wasn’t aware that she had to pull them down (despite me telling and reminding) so she had started to have accidents in her knickers. Once she’d had an accident she would refuse to wear the knickers and would demand to wear a nappy. It’d be like this for about a week at a time, so it was taking us so long. I decided that I was just going to leave her in a nappy until she told me she wanted it off. 

During a shopping trip to Asda, Keira wanted some more knickers and she wanted to wear them. So once we were home I took her nappy off and swapped it for these new knickers. Within half hour she was telling me that she needed a were and asked for her knickers to be taken off. I done as asked and she done a wee on the potty. From there we seem to have progressed and now she’s happily taking her knickers off by herself (and putting them back on after) every time she needs to use the potty. 
We then started to keep her in her knickers while out, at places where we knew there were accessible toilets and the first few times she didn’t need to go but while we were doing our food shop we needed to use the toilet and things have been great since then. 
We’re currently on day 5 of being accident free, and Keira’s even staying dry in her knickers during nap time! Let’s hope this is it for us!
We use several products, a few more handy than others, and a few more recent than others. 
The first thing we purchased was obviously the potty.
We bought this when Keira was around 18 months so that she could get used to it being around and knew what it was. She has never been scared to use it and has always enjoyed sitting on it, sometime she’d sit on it to eat her snacks! We did buy some stickers for her to decorate it but Keira decided the stickers weren’t worthy of staying on and tried to pick them all off. We bought our potty from Mama’s and Papa’s for £5.
Next we purchased some knickers. The idea was to let Keira pick what knickers she wanted, so she had that attachment to them and it made it a bit more special for her. Keira loved looking at all the different designs in the shop but her first pick was a pack of plain pink and white knickers over all the cartoon characters. I think we paid about £4 for 5 or 6 pairs. 
We then were bought a step/stool and a training seat for the toilet. 
These are from Ikea, the training seat is around £5 and the step is around £3. The training seat is super handy, I always take it with me when we go out as it can go on the top of any toilet and I haven’t got to worry about trying to hold Keira on a toilet to save her from falling in! 
Lastly, we bought some Dry Like Me training pads. These pads have been great for when we’re out and about without access to a toilet. They just fit into Keira’s knickers and give that bit of protection in case of an accident. They can be used for either a wee or a poo depending on how you place them in the underwear but they’ve been great. We’ve not had an accident in them yet so I can’t tell you how much they hold, but I’m sure the day will come when we do. You can purchase these Dry Like Me training pads from here and they’re so reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend them over pull ups every time!
We aren’t ready for night time training just yet but I’ll be sure to use the Dry Like Me night pads when the time comes.
Are you potty training? How are you finding the journey so far?
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  1. Ahh good luck with the potty training, it sounds likes it's going well by the sounds of it! My boy choosing his own pants really helped, they like it don't they! We didn't use the potty, Tyler hated it, but went straight on to the loo. But all kids are different! xx #MarvMondays

  2. This sounds exactly the same as we've experience with Archie! He's absolutely brilliant with his nappy off at home. He'll always go to the potty and do his business, but as soon as he has pants on, he has accidents and doesn't pull them down so we've done the same; just wait until he starts telling us he needs to go and he's starting to do that now. The dry like me pads sound genius, will have to invest for when we venture outside! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  3. I love the idea of the training pads! It was a tricky time as you don;t want to put them back in a nappy but you don't want accidents either so these would be perfect. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

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