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Anyone that knows me, will be fully aware of my love for candles and wax melts. I always have a candle or two burning when I’m at home. I love the way they make the house smell. I honestly have a cupboard dedicated to candles and wax melts. 
So when Pick ‘n’ Melt said I could try some of their soy wax melts I was over the moon! Little did I know just how much I was about to be treated. 
Pick ‘n’ Melt sent me their standard Christmas set, this includes a Pick ‘n’ Melt wax warmer and 16 packs (2 lots of each scent) of wax melts. Each pack contains six 1cm x 1cm x 1cm cubes in various colours representative of their scent. The scents in this pack are all themed around Christmas and they include: 
  • Christmas Time 
  • Christmas Spice 
  • Robin Red Breast 
  • Cocoa and Log Fire 
  • Frankincense and Myrrh 
  • Mistletoe and Wine 
  • Festive Tree 
  • Snow 
All of this is an absolute steal for just £12!! 

The contents were wrapped super securely, there was loads of bubble wrap to get through but it ensured to safe delivery of the wax warmer. The packaging was really cute and eye-catching though. The wax warmer came in a lovely orange and white striped box and the melts came in an orange and white striped pick n mix style bag – very suiting to the company’s name. Upon opening I could instantly smell the melts, they smelled divine and I was so excited to get one burning! 
So I first opened Robin Red Breast and popped all 6 of the cubes (Pick ‘n’ Melt recommend between 6 and 12 but 6 is certainly plenty) onto the top of the wax warmer and placed my tea light candle in the bottom. It didn’t take long for the little cubes to melt and the house was filled with an amazing Christmassy smell! It was gorgeous and made me feel all snuggly and ready for Christmas.
What I loved most about the wax warmer, is that to remove the wax I always pop the warmer in the freezer and leave till the morning where the wax just pops out, with this the top of the warmer comes off so it took up less room in my freezer which is fab for those, like me, who have small fridge freezers – perfect! 
The smell lasted for quite a while although I did find myself blowing the tea light out before it had fully burned as I started to notice a waxy smell. I think I burned it for approximately 3 hours before I could smell the wax. I’m not sure if it was just my nose though because I have read others state they have reused the wax melts several times. 3 hours was plenty for an evening though. 

All in all I was pleasantly surprised with these wax melts from Pick ‘n’ Melt and my favourite scent so far is Christmas Spice. 
Pick ‘n’ Melt also do a supreme version of this set, which includes 16 different scents – twice as many as the standard! Their melts and candles are made of soy wax which is a common, sustainable vegetable wax made from the oil of soy beans. 
If you love candles and wax melts as much as I do then you will be pleased to know that Pick ‘n’ Melt also do a monthly “party” subscription. There are two different sizes – standard and supreme. The standard is £8 per month and includes: 
  • 6 scent choices 
  • 18 small bags (3 of each scent) 
  • 2 small guest bags 
  • 120 cube melts 
  • Free Pick n Melt wax warmer 
  • Free P&P 
The supreme is £12 per month and includes: 
  • 10 scent choices 
  • 30 small bags (3 of each scent) 
  • 3 small guest bags 
  • 198 cube melts 
  • Free Pick ‘n’ Melt wax warmer 
  • Free P&P 
If you would like to find out more about this lovely company and their fantastic products, you can visit the Pick ‘n’ Melt website here. It is definitely worth checking out, they make great Christmas presents for those candle lovers amongst us!

*I was sent this product for the purposes of a review. All thought and opinions are my own.*

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