Joshua’s Birth Story

I went into hospital on Friday 9th July for reduced movements. After being on the CTG trace for over 45 minutes with few movements the doctor came to talk to us. She explained that as I was overdue already, and that it was the first time I’d experienced reduced movements, it would be safer for baby if they induced. They gave me the option to refuse, have a sweep and see how it goes as my induction was provisionally booked for the 17th July, even though I had every intention of declining any induction.
I didn’t really know what to do because I didn’t want to be induced and lose every chance of my home birth, but I also didn’t want to decline the induction because of the what if’s that were running through my mind. So eventually we decided to go ahead with the induction of labour. They booked me in for the Sunday but told me to ring on Saturday morning in case they did have a bed free.
So I rang Saturday morning and they told me to ring back in the afternoon, so I did and by 3pm they told me there was a bed and to come in! So we got everything ready, packed Keira’s bags and took her to my dad’s. It would be the first time that I’d be away from her a lengthy period of time so I was absolutely terrified of leaving her, even though I knew that she’d be in safe and happy hands.

We got to the hospital around 4pm and had to wait around for a bit before getting taken to our bed. I was put on a CTG trace before having the prostin pessary inserted to start the induction at 6pm. I then had 6 hours for the pessary to work before being examined again and needing another. The 6 hours passed, very quickly, and I hadn’t even had a twinge! I was put on the CTG trace at midnight and at 2am the midwife eventually got around to seeing us, I was examined and my cervix had gone from 1 to 2cm dilated (stretchy to 3cm) and was very soft. She gave me a stretch and sweep before disappearing to get another pessary. As soon as she’d finished the stretch and sweep my contractions had started. They were coming every 2 to 6 minutes and lasting for anything up to 40 seconds, I stuck my tens machine on and got on the birthing ball.

My contractions started coming more regular, every 3-4 minutes for 30 seconds, after about 2 hours. However, by 6am they started fizzling out. Darren went to speak to the midwife and she suggested having a nap because we hadn’t slept all night and that we were on the waiting list to have my waters broken. So I lay on the bed and got myself as comfortable as I could between the contractions and I could feel myself drifting off. I was dozing in between the contractions before someone opened our curtain.
A student midwife was there telling us that she was going to take us down to delivery suite to get my waters broken. It was only about 7:30am so we didn’t have to wait long. In delivery suite I was examined, 4cm dilated, and in between the little contractions I was having, they broke my waters. As soon as my waters broke the contractions immediately picked up and they were intense. They started coming in thick and fast and they were so painful, I wasn’t sure of how often they were coming but I knew they were close. 
Before I knew it I was in so much pain with the contractions, I was begging for a bit of pethidine to help me by, the exhaustion wasn’t helping either. The midwife examined me and I was at 8cm! They said it had taken me 30 minutes to get from 4 to 8cm and as I was progressing so quickly I couldn’t have the pethidine as baby would be born with it in their system so they gave me the gas and air before telling me that my cervix was swollen.
I started feeling the urge to push not long after I had the gas and air. The midwives kept telling me not to push because of my cervix being swollen and baby’s head pushing on it was only going to make it worse. It felt like ages that I’d been getting through it, trying not to push. The contractions were so bad and my cervix wasn’t getting any better so I eventually asked for an epidural. The midwives agreed to it because it would take away my urge to push and would help with my cervix. It felt like such a long wait for the anesthetist to come, when he did it took him 3 attempts to put the epidural tube in my back. On the third attempt I could feel Joshua’s head in my bum, I knew he was coming. I shouted that baby was coming but no one listened and they just kept telling me to stay still. I shouted it a second time, just as the epidural tube had been taped to my back, and they flipped me onto my back and threw my legs up to have a look. All I heard was “she’s right, I can see baby’s head”. 
They told me to start pushing, so I took a deep breath and pushed with all my might, I could feel his head coming out. It took two pushes for his head to pop out at 10:58am and then at 11am his body followed on the third push. 
As soon as he was out, he was put straight onto my chest for skin-to-skin and I reminded the midwife that I wanted to delay the cord clamping. She showed me the cord which was almost empty, they had to keep in a small amount of blood as they needed to check for rhesus factor but they delayed the clamping and Darren got his chance to cut the cord. 
Joshua was born with his hand against his face which caused him to graze the inside of my vagina so I needed a few stitches for that but otherwise there were no other tears! I was in active labour for 2 hours before he was born, so it was a very, very fast labour and I didn’t even get the chance to have the epidural liquid put it so I literally done it using just gas and air.
I am still so proud of myself for doing it with just gas and air as I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to do it at the time but I did! I know that Darren was absolutely proud of me too because it was the first thing he was telling everyone when they asked how the labour and delivery went. 
Joshua had his first breast feed an hour after he was born and he fed for ages while I ate a Sunday roast, I got up after he’d finished feeding and took a shower. I was discharged from the hospital at 8:30pm (on the same day) so I had a quick labour, a quick delivery and a quick discharge! 
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Baby Announcement

I am so very pleased to introduce our gorgeous baby boy, yes that’s right our yellow baby was indeed a boy, little Joshua! It was a complete shock to find out that he was a boy considering I was set on the idea that we were having another girl, I’d even started washing Keira’s baby’s clothes! Not that that has gone to waste because I can now pass them on or sell them.

Joshua is the most chilled out little dude I could have asked for. He sleeps most of the day and wakes up for nappy changes and feeds, Keira was never like this as a newborn!
Speaking of Keira, she’s been an absolute angel! She loves her little brother so much. If Joshua cries then Keira is right there with her blanket to try and comfort him, she’s forever giving him kisses and cuddles! She’s already the greatest big sister ever!!

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Keira’s 18 Month Update

Ahhh 18 months! What an age! This crazy child definitely knows how to keep me on my toes these days but I am loving every moment of it, even if I do moan about the tantrums!
Keira has learnt so much this past month and I am so proud of everything she does. She’s developed a proper little personality and she’s so cheeky!

Keira has gained another two teeth, making her total to ten now! She’s still proving that she doesn’t need all these teeth to eat her favourite foods! Brushing them is a completely different story though. It has become a workout just to get them brushed.
Teeth brushing isn’t the hardship we have to face, Keira has decided that getting dressed and nappy changes aren’t for her. It has become a constant battle to get her dressed, one that neither of us wins.
KEIRA HAS FINALLY STARTED SLEEPING THROUGH AND I AM SO OVER THE MOON ABOUT IT!!! If she does wake up during the night, she normally just wants her dummy and goes straight back to sleep. I cannot express how happy I am to finally get a full night sleep, even though I’ll be doing it all over again very soon!
Another good point is that Keira has started eating veg. Well frozen peas, carrots and sweetcorn but it’s better than nothing. Keira is the worlds fussiest eater so the fact that she is eating something that isn’t her usual food is amazing!
Keira now knows where both her head and her feet are. She still thinks that her belly is her head and its super cute. When you ask her where her feet are she sits down and puts her feet in her mouth, or she tries to put your feet in her mouth. Whichever is closest.
New obsession, colouring. She loves her colouring book and crayons. She won’t colour in a page that already has marks on it, it has to be a fresh page. As cute as it is, she has now started trying to colour in a lot of other items including the television!
A few new words that she has learnt are; woof (when she hears a dog bark), quack (when she sees a duck or a chicken). She shouts gar when she sees a dinosaur, lizard or crocodile which is her way of saying “grrr”. Keira can also say tree and her own version of please which sounds more like “geeeeee”. The best new word that she has come up with is “die” which is her way of saying bye! It’s quite embarrassing, as well as funny, when we’re out and she’s shouting “die”.
Lets see what the next month brings!!
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39 Weeks Pregnancy Update | Baby #2

Another late post, I’m getting good at these, but another week has been and gone! Just one week left until our due date and this baby is showing no signs of wanting to come out. I definitely feel like I’ll be going over my due date.
Pregnancy aches and pains are really taking their toll now, but as I’m so close to the end I feel like they’re worth it.
Me and Keira have spent a lot of the past week taking hourly walks to the shops and back, just to help coax that baby down and out. Nothing seems to have worked so far, but it definitely creates some braxton hicks for me to enjoy (not the mention the blisters on my feet)!

The backache is killing me, it is probably the main reason as to why I cannot get comfortable at all. If I was to lie on my back it feels a million times worse! Sometimes it feels like my pelvis is being ripped apart. It is such a struggle to walk most days because of it.
Braxton hicks are becoming stronger and more frequent. I can time them, although they never have a pattern to them, and they are never painful enough to make me suspect that they are anything more than braxton hicks.
Eating is becoming a struggle. I find I barely have an appetite anymore and I just eat because I know I need to, not because I want to. I am drinking a lot more, I find that I’m just constantly thirsty, but that means that I’m spending a lot of time on the toilet! Walking has slowed right down, I can no longer walk as fast paced as I once did. Walking with the pushchair helps, but it’s still a struggle. As is getting out of bed, I have definitely mastered the roll out!
My breasts have been leaking colostrum, there isn’t much but enough to make me wear a breast pad. I never had this until after I’d given birth to Keira so it’s all new to me. I can just be sitting there and suddenly I have this wet patch on my top!
This week will be project “get baby out”. I have a sweep, as well as my 40 week appointment, on Monday but I’m really hoping that something happens before then. I’d hate to go as far overdue as I did with Keira because I know I’ll be pushed into induction, which I really don’t want, so send me lots and lots of labor dust! I’m going to need it!!

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38 Week Midwife Appointment | Baby #2

I had another visit from my midwife today. She was very happy that our birthing pool had arrived and fits nicely in the living room, as well as all the attachments fitting rather well! Keira had just woken up from her nap so was quietly sitting on the sofa eating a few grapes so she was nice and quiet during the visit.
She tested both my urine and blood pressure, as expected they were both completely normal so there was nothing to worry about regarding those. She then had a feel of my tummy to see how baby was lying, baby is still head down with his/her back against my belly and he/she is still 3/5 engaged.
We heard the heartbeat and it sounded lovely, it always brings a smile to my face to hear that fast paced heartbeat, the most reassuring sound to ever touch my ears. The heartbeat sounded like a galloping horse, which according to old wives tales means that baby could be a girl.
I discussed the backache that I’d been having, as it seems to have come back today, and she said it sounds like baby is getting ready to make an appearance!! I just hope that this baby does decide to come soon!
The midwife then booked me in for my 40 week appointment on the 6th of July (making me 40+1), although it will be with another member of the home birth team, but she said they’ll be able to give me my first sweep (assuming I haven’t gone into labour by then) and failing that my normal midwife will come out on the 8th to do another sweep! So from now till then, I’m on project evict baby!

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