38 Week Midwife Appointment | Baby #2

I had another visit from my midwife today. She was very happy that our birthing pool had arrived and fits nicely in the living room, as well as all the attachments fitting rather well! Keira had just woken up from her nap so was quietly sitting on the sofa eating a few grapes so she was nice and quiet during the visit.
She tested both my urine and blood pressure, as expected they were both completely normal so there was nothing to worry about regarding those. She then had a feel of my tummy to see how baby was lying, baby is still head down with his/her back against my belly and he/she is still 3/5 engaged.
We heard the heartbeat and it sounded lovely, it always brings a smile to my face to hear that fast paced heartbeat, the most reassuring sound to ever touch my ears. The heartbeat sounded like a galloping horse, which according to old wives tales means that baby could be a girl.
I discussed the backache that I’d been having, as it seems to have come back today, and she said it sounds like baby is getting ready to make an appearance!! I just hope that this baby does decide to come soon!
The midwife then booked me in for my 40 week appointment on the 6th of July (making me 40+1), although it will be with another member of the home birth team, but she said they’ll be able to give me my first sweep (assuming I haven’t gone into labour by then) and failing that my normal midwife will come out on the 8th to do another sweep! So from now till then, I’m on project evict baby!

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Growth Scan Update | Baby #2

I completely forgot all about writing up this last week! So it’s super late! I do apologise!!
So last week Monday we had to go for our follow up growth scan just to ensure that baby was still growing okay and so that they had something to compare the first scan to. Everything was absolutely perfect though, baby was growing at just the right rate (still within the 50th centile).
Baby was weighing approximately 6lbs 2oz which means he/she has gained just under 1lb in two weeks which works out right to the calculations, as they say baby should gained half a pound a week. So if that continues then baby should weigh approximately 7 and a half pounds at 40 weeks! Assuming he/she doesn’t decide to pile on a load of weight before then haha.
The sonographer said we didn’t have to go for another scan as everything was measuring perfectly so now it’s just a waiting game for baby to arrive so we can see him/her!
If you hadn’t of guessed we still don’t know the gender, we almost gave in on the day of the scan but it seemed pretty pointless to find out the gender at 37 weeks!

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37 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2

Ahh, another week has passed. I swear I am unable to keep up with how fast the weeks are going.
I’ve not served my womb friend with an eviction notice just yet, they’re allowed to cook in there for as long as they need, but I am drafting a notice up to serve in approximately 3 weeks time. We have deadlines to meet as family members are going on their holidays soon!!

We’ve not had a particularly boring week, but it hasn’t been overly excitable either. Actually I think I may have enjoyed the past week, well without the forever clingyness of Keira!! Heartburn, SPD and braxton hicks have all been present although none have been very obvious – which has been lovely! There has been a new symptom and quite an annoying one at that. I’ve been having a lot of menstrual cramping, Saturday day time they were present all day on and off. Nothing worth timing and nothing too uncomfortable. They weren’t bad enough to stop me from sleeping though and they had gone by the morning, or at least I hadn’t noticed any as I was particularly busy. Sunday evening and they showed up again, a lot more painful though. They were bad enough to stop be from being able to comfortably fall asleep and after waking in the night to settle Keira back to sleep, they kept me awake for over an hour but once again they were gone come Monday morning.
The midwife visited last Tuesday to do her normal checks as well as go through a birth prep with me. Both my urine and blood pressure were fine, baby’s heartbeat was fine and baby was still head down!! Hooray!! The only difference this time is that baby’s head was 3/5 engaged!! This was very exciting to hear! I’d been feeling a lot of lightening pains so that confirmed my suspicions!
The midwife gave me details on what to do if I think I’m in labour and who to call! She gave me so much information and answered all of the questions I had about what would happen after the birth regarding my blood group, as both me and baby will need to be tested, but I was absolutely satisfied with the answers she gave and I definitely feel ready to have this baby now. The midwife also gave me a voucher to order the birthing pool, which I have now done and it arrived today!!
So all in all a fairly good week.
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Keira’s 17 Month Update

Where has this last month gone? It feels like it was only yesterday  I was writing Keira’s 16 month update (although I am aware I said the exact same thing in my pregnancy updates ha!). So Keira turned 17 months on the 29th of May, not too long ago, but I can’t believe she’ll be one and a half years old soon!!

Her favourite things to do at the moment are walking around with her eyes closed. She’s obsessed with doing and she’ll walk around the living room with them closed, she may have walked into a wall a few times. She also loves hiding under her blanket or the bed covers. If you leave the room and she hears you coming back in, she’ll run for her blanket and hide underneath it while saying “shh”, it’s so cute! She’s also discovered how to open the velcro on the back of toys, so now she has to open the back of every toy possible and leave them open.
Keira loves putting her shoes and socks on. She isn’t able to actually put her socks on but she’s become a pro at putting her shoes on, as well as putting them on other people’s feet. If she sees a shoe she’ll try and put it on your foot and doesn’t give up until it’s on and stays on!
Keira’s speech is coming along now and she’s picking up on new words often now. She can say “shh”, “cheese”, “goat” except it sounds more like “gahh”. I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s stringing together many other words and starting sentences.
Keira is aware of where her head is, if you ask her where her head is she’ll put her hands on her head. We’ve been trying to teach her belly but she still puts her hands on her head. If Keira hurts herself, like if she bumps her head, she’ll hold wherever she hurts. Like if she bumps her head, she’ll hold her head to let you know that’s where it hurts. Its very cute.
Keira’s sleep is getting much better, she sleeps through most of the time now. There is probably one or two nights out of the week where she’ll wake up for a bottle but it’s generally getting better. Food is still a tricky one and she’s still as fussy as ever but I’m sure we’ll get there eventually.
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35 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2

It’s that time of the week again and once again I’m posting late, I turn a new week every Sunday and I enjoy a relaxing Sunday far too much! However, here it is! My 35 week update
There isn’t much to report on, it has been a fairly quiet week in terms of pregnancy. My heartburn and SPD have been horrendous though, I can barely lie down any without acid burning through my throat and then when I try to sit up to help relieve it my SPD kicks in causing agonising pain to my pelvis. Definitely a lose lose situation.

I’ve been having a lot of pressure down there from baby’s head which (this is probably going to be TMI) is giving me the urge to empty my bowels several times a day, although it always results in nothing actually coming out.
I’ve been getting a lot of hot flushes too. I can’t remember having these with Keira but I’m pretty sure I did. They seem to come out of nowhere though and I become a right mess when they do arrive. I’m forever sitting by the open window! Overall though, I’m feeling pretty good in myself and I’m counting down the days till my due date, secretly hoping baby comes just before!
If you remember from my last post, I was waiting for the midwife to come out for a follow up appointment regarding my fundal measurements as I was measuring over the 90th percentile line. Well she came out, everything was going smoothly in regards to my blood pressure and urine. She measured my bump and I measured just below the 90th percentile line this time. The midwife said it was routine to refer for a growth scan if a measurement crosses a line, whether it’s up or down so we had a scan booked in for Monday afternoon.
At the scan we got to see baby again and almost decided to ask the sonographer if she could tell us baby’s gender but we didn’t and we still don’t know! The scan went great though, baby is measuring just under the 50th percentile line and weighs around 5lbs 5oz which is on track for this stage of pregnancy. So we have nothing to worry about and it looks like we won’t be having a big baby after all! We have to go back in 2 weeks time so that they have something to compare it by but Darren keeps saying that he wants to know the gender now so I’m trying to convince him that finding out the gender at 37 weeks is going to be pointless!

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