6 Tips on Keeping Baby Safe in the Heat

With Summer quickly approaching and temperatures rising, it is important we remember all the ways we can be keeping baby safe in the heat.

The weather in the UK has been lovely the last few weeks and we have really enjoyed all the sunshine. We spent entire days in the garden, splashing in the pool and running around the grass. It’s been so much fun for the children because they love playing in the garden.

The one thing that worries me about the warmer weather is the risk of overheating in babies and so many parents are unsure on how they should be keeping baby safe and avoid becoming seriously ill.

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Shingles and Chicken Pox

You hear people talking about getting shingles all the time and how when your children have chicken pox you have to be careful of the elderly as they can develop shingles. After having several cases of chicken pox when I was younger, not once did I think that I would end up with shingles!

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Benefits of Bed Sharing & How to Practice Safely

Bed sharing with our babies is vast becoming a common practice within our homes, but many are still unsure of how to do it safely.

I started bed sharing with Joshua when he was newborn, he just would not settle on his own and I needed to get some sleep so into the bed he came. He stayed in our bed for 19 months and if Zara hadn’t been born then he would probably still be there now. I mean, I wake up some mornings and he’s in our bed so I know he’d be a permanent fixture in our bed if he could.

Zara is now in our bed and even though I have been thinking about moving her into the cot, I’m pretty sure she’ll be in our bed for a while. As I’m still breastfeeding, bed-sharing just works and makes it much easier for night feeds. It means I can feed Zara, whilst lying down, and we normally fall asleep together. It’s a very special moment between us.


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Tips For Picking Gifts That Are Safe For A Baby

Whether it is you that is having a baby or you want to buy something extra-special for someone who is having a baby, picking the right products or gifts can be a daunting task. Many people worry about buying the most expensive gift, the most educational toy, or the trendiest outfits, but, how many people stop to consider the safety standards of anything meant for a baby? Besides, the last thing you would want to do is buy a toy that is not appropriate for a new born baby or even synthetic clothing that may harm the baby’s skin. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose gifts that are safe for a baby.

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What to Pack for Travelling with Children

We’re off on holiday soon, nowhere fancy, we’re just going to Somerset for a week. UK holidays are our best option with having 3 young children, there’s no way I could get on an airplane with these 3! Now I know how infuriating packing can be, and I am by no means an organised packer, but I thought I would show you some ideas of what to pack for the children during a holiday in the UK.

Spring in the UK is a bit hit and miss with the weather, but that doesn't stop us going on holiday. Here's a handy list of what to pack for your children.

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