Fisher-Price BeatBo Range

When BeatBo first came on the scene I knew that my kids would love them. Joshua was always playing with the BeatBo at his cousin’s house when we went to visit so I knew I had to get him one of his own. I’m glad I didn’t because it’s one of the toys that gets played with day-in-day-out, and his tunes are pretty funky! So when I was asked if we wanted to test and review a few toys from the BeatBo range, there was no way I was going to turn that down.

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Crawlerz Anti-Slip Sleepsuit Review

As a parent, safety is paramount and slipping on the floor whilst crawling is one we don't normally think of straight away. Luckily Crawlerz did!

I dreaded the moment when Zara started crawling, I knew she was going to be a handful and that she is. I have to dig her out of everything, her curiosity is wild! She will whizz around the living room at super speed, sliding all over our wooden floor. I was a bit stumped at how to help her not slip everywhere, especially as we don’t have a rug. So when we were asked to test and review a Crawlerz sleepsuit I was so excited!

We were sent this item in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own. For more information, please see my Disclosure page.

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Why You Should Send Your Child to Preschool

You can search the internet and find many excellent articles on why your child should attend preschool which can provide you with plenty of helpful information. If you want to give your child the very best that you possibly can, you should look to have them attend preschool as soon as they can do so. By introducing them to this learning environment from a young age, there are benefits that your child could take into their adult years, creating great habits that can last a lifetime.

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Sending Invitations with Paperless Post | Birthday Prep

Joshua's birthday is very swiftly approaching so now is time to begin the prep, starting with invitations from Paperless Post.

It’s just 6 weeks until Joshua’s 2nd birthday and I have done nothing to contribute to it, not even bought a present. To be honest, Joshua’s 2nd birthday really has snuck up on me. I am totally not ready for Joshua to turn 2. Anyway, I am finally making a start on organising things, starting with the invitations for his little party. I absolutely suck at sending out invites in the post and I hate having to buy stamps to send letters. So when I was approached by Paperless Post to use their services, I was delighted. I couldn’t wait to dive in.

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6 Tips on Keeping Baby Safe in the Heat

With Summer quickly approaching and temperatures rising, it is important we remember all the ways we can be keeping baby safe in the heat.

The weather in the UK has been lovely the last few weeks and we have really enjoyed all the sunshine. We spent entire days in the garden, splashing in the pool and running around the grass. It’s been so much fun for the children because they love playing in the garden.

The one thing that worries me about the warmer weather is the risk of overheating in babies and so many parents are unsure on how they should be keeping baby safe and avoid becoming seriously ill.

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