Our Favourite Toddler Apps

Although many parents don’t allow their children to use tablets or phones, I think there are some great learning games for them to play. I don’t let Keira use the tablet all day, but it’s nice for her to have 10/15 minutes on it while Joshua is asleep and I’m enjoying a hot cup of tea, lovely.

Having wasted so many hours scrolling through Android’s Play Store I feel like we’ve finally found the best apps for us! There are literally 100’s of apps aimed at children it was difficult to find some that we actually liked, but we did it! These are apps that we play the most.
1. Disney Junior Play 
2. Talking Ginger 2 
3. Little Charmers : Sparkle Up 
4. BBC CBeebies Playtime 
5. Peppa Pig : Paintbox 
7. YouTube Kids 
8. Pou 
All the apps we play are pretty educational but some are just for fun. I love the YouTube Kids app because so far I haven’t come across anything inappropriate like I was finding when Keira was using the original YouTube. As most of you are probably already aware, Keira loves to watch videos of Kinder Surprise Eggs and her new craze is watching YouTubers play with dolls and toys! We also watch a lot of nursery rhymes, mainly those on Hooplakidz and Super Simple Songs. 
If I am being 100% honest I think the Pou app is more for me, it’s an addictive app to play! 
What apps do your children like to play?

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