Our Christmas Traditions

As a family growing up, I don’t think we ever really had any traditions around Christmas. We sort of just winged it through and that worked perfectly for us. Of course there were little things like visiting family or friends and I would always watch The Muppets Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve.

Now that we have a family of our own, and now that Keira is old enough to understand, I would like to start our own family traditions, nothing to ‘out there’ just yet but something little and memorable. Something we continue to do for as long as we can really and hopefully the children can one day use these traditions with their families, when they’re older.

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Advent Calendars
We bought the kids their chocolate advent calendars from the shops, but for next year I’d like to make one for them and fill it with little treats, not necessarily chocolate.

Christmas Eve Boxes

I love the idea of Christmas Eve boxes and I’m definitely incorporating them into our Christmas traditions. I don’t really know what to put in them but I’ve been searching through Pinterest and gathered some ideas. So far I’ve bought Reindeer food, Christmas pyjamas (all three kids have matching pyjamas!!) and a Christmas DVD each (Keira has a Peppa Pig one and Joshua has Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom). I think I’m going to add their letters from Santa in there too as well as some little snacky bits. Just got to find something to use as the box now!

Christmas Movie

Definitely going to try and get the kids to sit down and watch a Christmas movie before they go to bed. Neither tend to sit in front of the TV for extended periods of time so it might be difficult but I’m sure we’ll manage it, just need to find something they’ll watch!

Food and Drinks for Santa and Rudolph
I’m so excited to do this and I know Darren is too only because he’ll make the kids pour a little glass of whiskey for “Santa”. That’s all he’s excited about now that Keira’s old enough!

Handmade Christmas Cards

We’ve always done this anyway and Keira loves getting all crafty and creative when making Christmas cards for the family so I know I’ll keep doing that until they no longer want to.

Christmas Day Jumpers

I love a good Christmas jumper and I’d love all of us to wear one on Christmas day but I don’t think Darren is too keen on the idea. I’m sure I’ll persuade him though!

  1. Joleisa

    19 December, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    I get all warm and fuzzy reading this. It's nice to build some traditions for your family and hope they will carry it on. I love Christmas! Absolutely my favourite time of the year.

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