Our Bedtime Routine

Bedtime is quite possibly my favourite time of the day. It means no stress, no tears and lots of quiet time (well that’s how I hope it would go every night). Except that isn’t how it happens for us, bedtime does get quite stressful. But that’s another story.
I’ve really incorporated a routine, I’ve always let the children make their own routine and that’s what works for us.
We start around 7pm when we have a bath! Keira and Joshua share a bath so it’s nice and easy to get them both done at the same time. Darren tends to take over at bath time while I put away any toys that are out in the living room and sort pyjama’s out.

By 7:30pm we tend to make sure bath time is all wrapped up and everyone’s washed and clean! I’ll generally take Joshua and get him creamed and dressed while Darren sorts Keira out. Once pyjama’s are on, Joshua has his bedtime and Keira brushes her teeth before we sit down altogether and watch In the Night Garden
Once In the Night Garden had finished its off to bed for Keira. Darren will take Keira up to bed and read her a story, she normally picks The Tiger that Came to Tea or Five Minutes Peace. It never takes her long to fall asleep but on a bad night we get every excuse under the sun. Like she suddenly remembers that one of her toys needs new batteries!
While Darren is upstairs with Keira, I strap Joshua into his pushchair (because this boy does not sleep in his cot, at all), give him his blanket and dummy and turn on his Cloud B Frankie the Fox to his favourite song.
Joshua then ends up falling asleep by himself and we transfer him to our bed when we go to sleep around 10pm. 
So that’s it, I’d like to say it’s as nice and easy as that every night but it isn’t. This is just the ideal bedtime routine, which is all dependent on what time they have their last nap. Sometimes Keira’s awake until 9pm because she slept till 6pm but I never have the heart to wake her, I just deal with it.
Is there anything that you would do differently?

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