New Baby Wishlist

As baby #3 was conceived not long after Joshua, we still have most things that he’s growing out of now (some of it we even had for Keira). So my wish list isn’t that big, BUT there are some new things I would like for the new baby.

1. Cosatto Supa Dupa Fox Tale Pushchair 
I never considered a double when Joshua was born, Keira had been walking for almost 8 months and she was a confident walker, she also never wanted to sit in the pushchair, so we opted for a buggy board instead. This time, although I do plan on baby wearing, Keira will be starting nursery and my concerns are that she will be too tired to walk home (it’s a good 20 minute walk) so a double would be lovely for her to have a little rest until she gets home!
2. Snuzpod2 3 in 1 bedside crib in Dove Grey
I had been so indecisive recently between the Snuzpod and the Chicco Next 2 Me. I like them both and at the rate Joshua is going he’ll still be in our bed by the time baby is here. These bedside cribs would be perfect for us so that baby is still close and we haven’t got to force Joshua out if he isn’t ready.
3. Mamas & Papas Starlite Swing
We sold Joshua’s swing not long after he lost interest in it (around 3 months old), but it was a lifesaver for those first few months. It was on the big side and this time I would like something a bit more compact. 
4. Sophie La Girafe
We’ve bought both Keira and Joshua their own Sophie and they’ve been great teethers for them both so it’s only fitting that we get baby #3 their own Sophie.
5. Lamaze Sonny the Glowing Bunny 
I like to get the children their own little night time comforter. Keira has her Leapfrog Scout that she uses for the lullabies every night and Joshua has his Cloud B Frankie the Fox. I’ve been on the hunt for something a little different to keep them all separate and this little bunny seems perfect for the job.
6. Ergobaby 360 (inc. Newborn Insert)
Even though I have my stretchy wrap, that I still use for Joshua, I’d like something a bit more sturdy for him now that he’s getting bigger. I’ve been very indecisive about the Ergo and the Tula but I think I’m definitely more swayed by the Ergo. We’d also need the newborn insert because it can be used for the baby then, the stretchy wrap can get a bit fiddly.
7. Reversible Heart Baby Blanket
Both Keira and Joshua have their own blankets for comfort, Keira favours hers more than Joshua does his but neither will sleep without them. So I thought it only fair to get a blanket for baby. I’ve been on the hunt for a blanket and found this one from The White Company, it probably won’t be the blanket we purchase but I thought it was super pretty!
So that’s our wishlist. I’m sure we’ll purchase 80% of this list, although I’m still trying to persuade Darren that we need the bedside crib haha.
Is there anything you would add to the wish list?

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