My Most Used Phrases

Since becoming a mum I’ve noticed there are a fair few phrases that I tend to use several times, every day. “No” is definitely my number one most used word. I cannot seem to use it enough these days, the terrible two’s has definitely changed my vocabulary! It’s a surprise that I haven’t swore yet haha, but then again I’m terrified of Keira repeating so I definitely watch very carefully what I do say.

Anyway, here’s the list:

1. Get down! (I find Joshua climbing on everything, I don’t even know how he gets up on most things!)

2. You can’t eat that, I don’t even know where you found it!
3. Have you had a poo? (It’s always replied with a no but you can smell it!)

4. Stop picking your nose.
5. For the 100th time, I said no.
6. If you have a poo, I’ll give you a sweet. (Bribery always works the best in this situation.)
7. Please stay in bed.
8. Please don’t eat the dog’s food.
9. Thank you for helping me. (Even though they barely helped but still insist on being thanked.)

10. I love you!
The last one is pretty obvious but I definitely say it loads, followed by lots of cuddles and kisses! I’m sure you’ve found yourself nodding and agreeing with me on these.

What is your most used phrase?
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