My Favourite Strictly Come Dancing Dances

I am an avid watching of Strictly Come Dancing, I was always an X Factor girl but it’s just annoying now and I think we all know why! Now I dedicate my Saturday and Sunday nights to Strictly! I love the professionals, I love the celebs and I love love love the judges. The whole show has me gripped from start to finish!

It’s got to the point now that I record it, just in case I can’t get to watch it on time. Nothing beats a bit of Strictly with a glass of wine and some chocolate. Not to mention the eye candy on there, Danny Mac is a bit of a heart throb. Swoon!

So! Enough of girl crushes, here are some of my favourite dances from Strictly Come Dancing:

1. Caroline Flack and Pasha dancing the Argentine Tango

I’m not really Caroline Flack’s biggest fan (and that’s probably because Darren is obsessed with her) but it’s no surprise that she won the show in 2014. She was a fantastic dancer. It was this dance that made me fall in love with the argentine tango!
2. Jake Wood and Janette dancing the Salsa
Oh my gosh can this man move his hips!!! I was hooked on this dance and I’m pretty sure I watched it a few times that night (thank you for live pause and the ability to rewind). Most of the time I find myself watching the professionals but all eyes were on Jake that night.
3. Danny Mac and Oti dancing the Paso Doble
This dance made me realise just how much I love the paso doble. It’s such a powerful dance! Of course Danny Mac made watching it even more enjoyable but no doubt he mastered it! 
4. Jay McGuiness and Aliona dancing the Jive
The jive is definitely my favourite dance on the show. I love the quickness and sharpness of it. Jay smashed this dance, and using Pulp Fiction as the theme was fantastic! This dance is certainly my favourite one, ever! It’s no surprise that Jay won Strictly last year. Well deserved.
5. Ed Balls and Katya dancing the Salsa
Now Ed isn’t the greatest of dancers, and he’s certainly the entertaining one of the show this year but you can’t not love this dance! What entertainment he brings each week! Nothing can beat this!
So who do I think is going to win this year? I’d say it’s going to be either Louise Redgrave or Danny Mac. I just can’t decide!!


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  1. I dont watch it, but Ive got to put it out there – you don't half know your Strictly! Ill have to have a proper watch of the video clips to educate myself! Mrs C x

  2. Hubby and I are ex-ballroom dancers and we both love Strictly. Danny Mac is probably my favourite to win this year at the moment. Jay and Aliona's jive was amazing – that's definitely on my top 5 list as well. I also loved Susanna and Kevin's paso doble in 2013 (traditional pasos always go down well with me!) and Louis Smith's Charleston in 2012. My youngest actually appeared on Strictly when she was 6 weeks old – we went to a Christmas party at 10 Downing Street and the Strictly stars were there. Sophie Ellis-Bextor mentioned that she'd had cuddles with a baby Sophie in her pre-dance video and it cut to a video clip of her holding Sophie at the party – such a special memory 🙂 #twinklytuesday

  3. Some fab dancers, I tend not to watch Strictly as I stick to the X Factor but the kids seem like to this show. Thanks for joining in with #TuesdayTreasures!

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