My 6 Most Used Apps

There are some apps that I use everyday, all day, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but most people use these nowadays.

I’d be completely lost without my mobile phone, especially when it comes to checking my banking online! Now I can just tap an app and get my account balance rather than pulling out the laptop, calling the bank or even worse. Having to walk to a cash machine. The horror.

But I know there are some apps I use all the time, on top of the standard popular apps and I really couldn’t live without them now.

My 6 Most Used Apps

1. Fotor
I love this app for editing my photos. I normally add a filter to my photos using this app and then open in PicMonkey if I need to add text to it. But my first point of call is fotor. Its also available online too.

2. Just Eat
I love a takeaway and even though I’m trying my hardest to steer away from too many takeaways (that mum tum won’t disappear by eating rubbish food) I still have a takeaway day so I rely on this app!

3. Sky+
Ahh I’d be lost without this, seriously. This app has been a lifesaver if I’ve forgotten to record something while I’m out. Thank you sky for making it possible to record programmes from my mobile phone.

4. Touch Lock
This app is fantastic if you let your toddler use your phone to watch videos. Its puts a screen lock on your phone so they can’t go tapping at everything and anything!

5. Later
I use this to schedule Instagram posts. Most of my pictures on Instagram are posted as I take them. I use this app mainly to let my followers know if there’s a new post up on my blog for them to see.

6. Airdroid
This is my newest app and I love it! It allows you to wirelessly transfer files between your phone and computer. I hate having to faff around with cables and they always get in my way so being able to do it wirelessly is perfect for me!

So that’s my top 6 most used apps. What’s your most used app? Let me know in the comments below!

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