Colds, Ex on the Beach & Turning 27 | #LittleLoves

It’s finally Friday and that means it’s almost the weekend! Since becoming a mum I’ve noticed that I don’t get that excited about Friday’s or the weekend anymore, what’s that all about?

We’ve all been struck with colds this week and nursery’s been closed due to a big going round so it’s been a longer than usual week trying to keep everyone entertained as well as continuous wiping of runny noses. The worst part is that a cold always triggers mild bronchiolitis for Joshua, here’s hoping it doesn’t flare up too bad!

Onto what we’ve loved this week.


I’ve been all over You Baby Me Mummy’s blog this week. Aby has some fantastic blogging advice and I’ve really been trying to follow it all to help better my blog. You should definitely check it out if you need some blogging advice!


If you aren’t aware I’m a huge Geordie Shore fan, I’m just a little late to the game and I’ve been playing catch up. So when I noticed that Vicky and Ricci took part in the first series of Ex on the Beach I had to download the box sets off Sky to see their confrontation but now I can’t turn it off!!


The Coca-Cola advert! I haven’t actually seen it yet but I’ve heard it. I was sat on the toilet and heard it from the TV, by the time I’d finished it was all over. Must remind myself to YouTube it so that I can actually watch it. Christmas is officially here though.


We’ve started on our Christmas cards this week. I’ve got a post here with some fantastic ideas all gathered from Pinterest. Keira loves getting crafty and making things so it’s been perfect for us. Plus it helps to be organised for something!


I have been living in my dressing all week, even while fully dressed. I’m never one for wearing a dressing gown as I hate being too hot but I’ve just need it to keep the chill off. The kids have been in theirs too.

And lastly…

It was my birthday yesterday. I’ve now turned 27, edging ever so closer to the big 3-0! I had a lovely day at home, even the kids behaved! It was nice not to have to tell them off for fighting over toys! Now I can’t wait to celebrate properly on Saturday! My first birthday where I haven’t been pregnant for a long time!

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