Life’s Been Tough

I realise that I’ve been away from my blog for some time, in fact blogging has been the very last thing on my mind and it’s something that I have missed, so very much.

There has been so much happening that I lost focus on all the hard work I had put into my blog and it has certainly been neglected. Although I’d prefer not to get into the details about my unexpected absence, I feel like deserved some explanation. After all, you are all a huge part of my life.

Firstly, we’re all okay and we’re all in good health. In fact we’re better than okay! We’re surviving the summer holidays (just about) and we’re preparing for Zara’s first birthday! It’s super exciting! Just 2 weeks until the big day and I am so not ready, but then is anyone ever ready for their baby to turn 1?!

It all started with my phone breaking. Zara decided it would be hilarious to throw my phone on the floor and completely smash the screen making it completely unusable. Cheers child. Then the laptop decided it didn’t want to work! It was literally one thing after the other. Following that there were a few issues within the family (which I definitely won’t go into) and it was all going down hill.

Things seem to have calmed down now, the laptop is working and I have a new phone! Hurray! So I’m hoping that this post is the start of my return after a very shakey few weeks!

I’m sure you’re all curious to see the little ones, so I’ll drop a few photos for you to see!

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  1. I thought you had been quiet! Usually I see your posts on instagram pop up or see a new blog post on my twitter feed. Glad all is well 🙂

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