Letters to Santa

As I’m sure many of you were aware, Royal Mail have been offering a service where you send a letter to Santa and if you send your address, with the letter, he writes back. So of course me and the kiddies got writing out our letters to Santa. Well I say kiddies, Joshua was asleep at the time and even when he did wake up he had no interest in writing his letter so Keira helped me to do Joshua’s too. Some of the things she was coming out with were totally comical, the best present she dropped was chocolate bombs! I don’t even know where she got the idea of chocolate bombs from but she insisted it was to be on her list!

While I was searching through Poundland I never even thought about buying pre-made letters to use and I was hunting for stuff that I could use to make them myself. It was then that I found this pack. It contained two pre-made letters to Santa, two envelopes and one set of stickers. Ideally I think there should have been two sets of stickers but we managed.
Keira’s main interest was putting the stickers on (what is it about stickers that toddlers love?) but she still helped me write the letter. Obviously Keira can’t write just yet, but she helped me hold the pen. Her list consisted of the usual chocolate and sweets. Also, she said she would like a new bed because she had wee’d in hers the previous night. Okay child!
So we eventually got both letters written and all the letters stuck on. Fab! It was just time to stick them in the envelopes and post them. Now the envelopes didn’t have the Royal Mail’s address on them, so I had to write the address on a plain piece of paper and stick it onto the envelope. We posted them that day and we haven’t had our reply from Santa just yet, I’m sure he’s got plenty of children to write back too, but I’m sure it’ll be here soon (hopefully before Christmas!!
My plan is to stick Santa’s letter in their Christmas Eve boxes for them to open. If we don’t get a letter back then I’m going to have to get crafty and make my own! Come on Royal Mail!!

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