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Having a child with so many different allergies, egg being the main one, it’s increasingly difficult to find snacks for him that he can have. Most things contain egg, especially in the additives. So, I started looking towards vegan products but, like gluten free products, they can get quite pricey. I was lost for ideas and I didn’t want to keep him on fruit, yogurt and rice cakes forever. I wanted him to have some variety.

That was until I came across these wafers from Kiddylicious. What a life saver they have been.

I saw these while doing my weekly shop and after checking the back of the packaging for their ingredients, this was now my usual thing whilst shopping, I quickly realised that there was nothing in them, like at all! They contain jasmine rice flour, tapioca starch, sugar, blueberry powder, purple carrot, salt, natural blueberry flavour and vitamin E! They contain no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours and are gluten free! They seemed great, now to try Joshua with them and see what he thought. They come in single packages, which makes it great as a snack on-the-go, and you get two wafers in each pack. They are wvery light and feel like there is nothing to them!

It all came down to the taster and what Joshua thought of them. I can honestly say they did not last long at all! He chomped them down so quickly, they were definitely a hit! They melted in his mouth, like a prawn cracker does, and he found them very easy to hold due to the shape of them. There was also no mess thanks to their melting ability.
They do come in other flavours; as well as blueberry there is carrot, strawberry and banana. They are all a huge hit for our family but blueberry is definitely a firm favourite. You can find these wafers, by Kiddylicious, in most supermarkets and make sure you check out the rest of their snack range, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.
I was not sent these items for the purposes of the review. The product was bought from my own pocket.

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  1. I can imagine that allergies must make it so difficult to find snacks – these look great though and I think my two would love them as well. Joshua certainly looks like he enjoyed them! 🙂

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