Keira’s 21 Month Update

Ahh another month! Where is my baby going?? How is she another month older? I definitely feel like time is moving far too fast for me, I don’t like it. I need my little baby back!

To be very honest, not much has happened in the past month. Keira hasn’t done much that is new so I don’t have much to update on. Saying that there has been a few things that she has learnt, Keira can now blow kisses! It’s so cute, I’ve been trying to get her to do it for the longest time and now she finally has. What a proud mommy I was. Keira also knows where she poo’s from as well as when she has had a poo. Hopefully that means that potty training is coming up and we can get her out of nappies!! 
As far as body parts go, Keira knows where her head, hair, belly, feet and fingers are. Within the past month she has learnt where her hands, noses, mouth, eyes and ears are. She picked them up so quickly, I’m very impressed with just how quickly she is learning.
The main thing that happened this month is Keira’s speech, she doesn’t string sentences together and I don’t expect that to happen for a long time but she understands pretty much everything we say which is fantastic, she also has her own way of associating different things with different people/objects. If we say “nana and grandad” to Keira she starts saying woof woof and bubbles, kick, kick (because she kicks bubbles) and if we start to put her coat or cardigan on she says car. Keira has also learnt a load of new words too! I don’t know how she is learning them so quickly but it’s a reminder that we really need to start watching what we say when she’s around. Keira can now say: cat, moo, baby, kick, tickle, again, bubbles, broke, bath, wow, bum.
So that’s it as far as updates go, as I said I am so impressed with just how quickly Keira is learning things. It’s a reminder that she is becoming a clever little girl and she isn’t a baby any more.

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