Keira’s 19 Month Update

What a fabulous month it’s been! Keira finally became a big sister, and what an amazing sister she’s been. She loves her little brother and it’s clear to see, her eyes light up when she sees him and she’s forever giving him kisses and cuddles! When we’re out she doesn’t even leave Joshua’s side. It’s so cute.
Keira’s changed a lot this past month, she learnt so many new things and I’m genuinely impressed with what she’s learnt. She has learnt loads of new words. She can finally say Peppa, it’s took her ages to say it but we got there!

We’ve finally learnt where our belly is! Took us a while but we got there! Keira also knows where her fingers are and wiggles her fingers when we ask. It’s super cute.
Keira’s learnt the meaning of ‘no’. She can’t actually say no, but if we ask her to do something or if she wants something then she can shake her head to let us know that she doesn’t want it or to do something. It isn’t bad enough that she says no to everything, yet, but she does it for most things.
Keira’s social skills seem to have taken a step backwards and this was before Joshua was born. I thought that by now she might be used to seeing both my family as well as Darren’s but she isn’t. She still screams and clings to us when she sees someone who isn’t me or Darren, it’s very upsetting to see her like this because it must upset quite badly. She sees both families quite often but it’s like she can’t settle around them, I don’t want her to not see them but I don’t want her to get so upset around them. It’s a lose-lose situation.
Keira’s eating habits are also going backwards. She’s turning her nose up to most foods, apart from her absolute favourites. I don’t know what to do about it, I try introducing so many different foods but she just won’t even let it past her lips. Although, saying that, she has recently started to eat chips so that was a step forward.
The tantrums are terrible. She tantrums over anything that isn’t her way. It’s Keira’s way and Keira’s way only. If you tell her off, she’ll literally just stand there and scream until you give in and pick her up, but even then it’s still touch and go until she’s ready to finish the screaming tantrum.
She’s been sleeping fantastically. Every once in a while she’ll wake during the night but she normally settles rather quickly, but she’s been sleeping all night from 8pm to 7:30am! Just a shame that Joshua wakes every 2 hours!!
Keira’s new found obsession is to put clothes on but only on her legs. Doesn’t matter if it is trousers, a top or a bib everything has to go on her legs. She hasn’t figured out how to take clothes off, but she definitely knows how to put them on!

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