Keira’s 18 Month Update

Ahhh 18 months! What an age! This crazy child definitely knows how to keep me on my toes these days but I am loving every moment of it, even if I do moan about the tantrums!
Keira has learnt so much this past month and I am so proud of everything she does. She’s developed a proper little personality and she’s so cheeky!

Keira has gained another two teeth, making her total to ten now! She’s still proving that she doesn’t need all these teeth to eat her favourite foods! Brushing them is a completely different story though. It has become a workout just to get them brushed.
Teeth brushing isn’t the hardship we have to face, Keira has decided that getting dressed and nappy changes aren’t for her. It has become a constant battle to get her dressed, one that neither of us wins.
KEIRA HAS FINALLY STARTED SLEEPING THROUGH AND I AM SO OVER THE MOON ABOUT IT!!! If she does wake up during the night, she normally just wants her dummy and goes straight back to sleep. I cannot express how happy I am to finally get a full night sleep, even though I’ll be doing it all over again very soon!
Another good point is that Keira has started eating veg. Well frozen peas, carrots and sweetcorn but it’s better than nothing. Keira is the worlds fussiest eater so the fact that she is eating something that isn’t her usual food is amazing!
Keira now knows where both her head and her feet are. She still thinks that her belly is her head and its super cute. When you ask her where her feet are she sits down and puts her feet in her mouth, or she tries to put your feet in her mouth. Whichever is closest.
New obsession, colouring. She loves her colouring book and crayons. She won’t colour in a page that already has marks on it, it has to be a fresh page. As cute as it is, she has now started trying to colour in a lot of other items including the television!
A few new words that she has learnt are; woof (when she hears a dog bark), quack (when she sees a duck or a chicken). She shouts gar when she sees a dinosaur, lizard or crocodile which is her way of saying “grrr”. Keira can also say tree and her own version of please which sounds more like “geeeeee”. The best new word that she has come up with is “die” which is her way of saying bye! It’s quite embarrassing, as well as funny, when we’re out and she’s shouting “die”.
Lets see what the next month brings!!

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