Keira’s 17 Month Update

Where has this last month gone? It feels like it was only yesterday  I was writing Keira’s 16 month update (although I am aware I said the exact same thing in my pregnancy updates ha!). So Keira turned 17 months on the 29th of May, not too long ago, but I can’t believe she’ll be one and a half years old soon!!

Her favourite things to do at the moment are walking around with her eyes closed. She’s obsessed with doing and she’ll walk around the living room with them closed, she may have walked into a wall a few times. She also loves hiding under her blanket or the bed covers. If you leave the room and she hears you coming back in, she’ll run for her blanket and hide underneath it while saying “shh”, it’s so cute! She’s also discovered how to open the velcro on the back of toys, so now she has to open the back of every toy possible and leave them open.
Keira loves putting her shoes and socks on. She isn’t able to actually put her socks on but she’s become a pro at putting her shoes on, as well as putting them on other people’s feet. If she sees a shoe she’ll try and put it on your foot and doesn’t give up until it’s on and stays on!
Keira’s speech is coming along now and she’s picking up on new words often now. She can say “shh”, “cheese”, “goat” except it sounds more like “gahh”. I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s stringing together many other words and starting sentences.
Keira is aware of where her head is, if you ask her where her head is she’ll put her hands on her head. We’ve been trying to teach her belly but she still puts her hands on her head. If Keira hurts herself, like if she bumps her head, she’ll hold wherever she hurts. Like if she bumps her head, she’ll hold her head to let you know that’s where it hurts. Its very cute.
Keira’s sleep is getting much better, she sleeps through most of the time now. There is probably one or two nights out of the week where she’ll wake up for a bottle but it’s generally getting better. Food is still a tricky one and she’s still as fussy as ever but I’m sure we’ll get there eventually.

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