Keira | 20 Months Old

Ah what a wonderful month it has been! It feels like she’s changed and learned so many new things in one short month. Keira is such a smart, cheeky and wonderful little girl. I’m very proud of her!
Keira has learnt so many new words since our last update. She hasn’t learnt to form sentences but she’s fully capable of telling me what it is she wants. She is able to say Joshie (for Joshua) which is super sweet and is hasn’t taken her very long at all to learn that. She is also able to say ball, choo choo, quick, George, Waybuloo and chocolate. Although chocolate comes out more like a rude word, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure that one out. Her favourite thing to say at the moment is “poo!”. If we mention the word bum or stinky she says “pooooo” while waving her hand over her nose.
Keira now knows where her fingers and nose are. She goes around pointing to everyone’s nose when we ask “where’s your nose?” When asked “where are your fingers?”, Keira wiggles her fingers or just simply points to them.
There’s a few new cute things that Keira does now, like asking for some juice when she doesn’t have any and the fact that she has to have her own cuddle with Joshua every morning. Keira also copies everything I do now and she picks up on everything I do or say. It’s so cute.
Keira seems to have a new obsession once a month, this month its wellies. Keira now has two pairs and as soon as we get downstairs in the morning, and she sees them, she has to put them on. She’s not worn any other shoes for so long because she has to wear the wellies!
I definitely feel like the terrible two’s have started. The tantrums are horrendous, Keira has learnt to throw herself on the floor in temper and stamp her feet. The screaming fits are just as bad and it’s quickly becoming an active part of our shopping trips! We’ve definitely become one of those parents with the child throwing a tantrum on the floor! I was pretty sure that I’d be super embarrassed by it but I’m actually not, I just keep reminding myself that anyone with children has been through it so they will understand exactly what is going on.
Keira is one of the most independent children I know. She’s much happier playing on her own than having me butt in. If I try to get involved in playing with her blocks or something she’ll throw them all over the floor and move on to something else. I’m only allowed to join in if she invites me. 20 months going on 13 this one.

The only thing that has gone downhill is dinner times. Keira has made a very strong protest that she doesn’t want to eat at all at dinner times. She eats breakfast and lunch so well, granted she will only eat certain foods and it has to be something that she’s used to eating, but there’s never any fuss. As soon as dinner time arrives it is a nightmare. She refuses to eat anything, even if it is something she likes! So I’ve stopped worrying over it, I know she isn’t starving because she has far too much energy, so if she doesn’t eat the dinner I have made for her then she doesn’t get anything (although she doesn’t go to bed hungry because she still has a bottle of milk before bed). But there are no snacks or treats as I feel they’d act as a “reward” for not eating her dinner and I don’t want her learning that. If she does try some of the food on her plate then I ensure that I praise her so she knows that eating her dinner is a good thing. Over the past couple of days, Keira has happily eaten some porridge at dinner time. It isn’t the ideal meal of course but at least it’s something and at least its healthy and she enjoys it. Hopefully this is the start of her eating at dinner time again!
Here’s to another month of craziness!!

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