Just A Bad Day

This post is the first if its kind on my blog, but it’s basically going to be a massive rant and rave.

It’s a Thursday so it should be a good day because it means Keira is at nursery. But its not. Joshua has whinged all day because the door on the toy ambulance won’t shut the way he wants it to, or because I told him he’s got to get dressed or just because he wanted to have a whinge.

Then Zara spent the WHOLE FIVE HOURS awake and refused to sleep which ended up with her being very overtired and having a screaming fit.

The plus side was that I got a warm-ish coffee and a chance to get the bags of clothes out of the loft – there were plenty of forgotten 0-3 months clothes in there which are currently being washed and dried ready for immediate use!

Both Zara and Joshua decided 15 minutes before we had to leave was the perfect time to fall asleep. Of course, why wouldn’t it be.

Once Keira was home from nursery (she’d had a lovely last day and even had a little Christmas party) it went from worse to worse. Keira had ruined 3 pairs of knickers. So they’re now in the bin and she has one of Joshua’s nappies on. Keira has also decided that 4pm is the perfect time to have a nap! Lovely, can’t wait to sit up all night with her.

Another great thing about today is that Keira bought home a load of cute crafty things from nursery. Like this ridiculously cute bauble with a super cheesy smile for the tree.

All of this and it’s only Thursday. It isn’t even the weekend yet, but then again things like this don’t happen on a weekend.

I love my kids but they seem to work together and make a bad day, a really bad day!

Pass me the wine.

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