Joshua’s First Birthday

I can’t believe I’m even writing this post, I still remember writing up his birth story. How has a whole year passed already and where did that tiny little baby go?

Joshua has had a fantastic few days with friends and family and I know that he has loved being spoiled by everyone! We decided against a party in the end, we’d left it far too late to organise anything and there was nowhere big enough to house all the guests.

So we chose to visit each other’s parents (Joshua’s grandparents) at different times and then we took Joshua and Keira to West Midlands Safari Park on the actual day of his birthday, we had a very busy few days!

Joshua loved opening all of his presents, although he was obviously more interested in playing with the balloons and standing on the boxes! I had tried so hard to find decorations in the shops that weren’t blue or pink, but I had such a hard time finding anything so I settled with blue in the end (I loved how bright the big ‘1’ balloon was in blue over the pink). I didn’t have time to order anything online but I had to make do.

Joshua has an egg allergy, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, so finding a ready made cake was next to impossible. I took it upon myself to make my own and I have to say, I was very happy with the outcome, it even tasted okay!

I did use shop bought icing for the letters and the little bits on top were shop bought but I made everything else. I won’t be doing another for a while though and I hope he’s outgrown his allergy before his second birthday!

As you can see, Joshua loved opening his presents and he got lots of help from Keira to open them! He kept trying to climb on top of all the big boxes, he’s definitely a fan of climbing right now! Most of his presents were different types of board books as he’s still a huge book lover! He’ll spend ages sitting with someone while they read to him, I think he’s got a bigger book collection than Keira!

After presents has been opened and breakfast had been eaten, we headed for the Safari Park! The weather was appalling and it rained so heavily, I do wish I’d have got a few more photos but trying to hold an umbrella while pushing a pushchair didn’t leave many hands free! Here’s a few of my favourites shots from the day.

All-in-all everyone had a fantastic day and the weather never stopped us from getting around! Joshua loved seeing all the animals, especially all the ducks and Keira loved seeing the birds! We had to take her in 3 times to see them!

Happy first birthday little man!

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