Joshua’s Birthday Outfit | First Birthday Wishlist

With the big day approaching I definitely feel like we’re slacking with Joshua’s first birthday, and I’m certainly feeling guilty that I don’t have as much time to spend on it as I did for Keira. I have all of his presents sorted, but we don’t have have any decorations prepared nor do we have his birthday outfit. I have put together this wish list to hopefully give you an idea of the sort of things you would put your little one in!

1. Mickey Mouse Socks I love these socks and every outfit needs some cool socks to accompany it! I always end up buying nautical themed socks for Joshua so these make a lovely change.
2. Blue Hoody/Jacket
This may not be needed as Joshua’s birthday is 12th July, but with the way the weather is at the moment who knows what we’ll need so it’s best to prepare either way. I feel a hooded jacket would make a good lightweight cover if it was to get a bit chilly. 
3. 1st Birthday Vest
This one is actually from My First Year, I’ve struggled to find a t-shirt that has the number 1 on as Joshua is still in 6-9 months clothing. Most start from 12-18 months! So this one is perfect! Plus I love the star print!
4. Ash Grey Tom’s
Finding a pair of shoes for a boy is quite hard, there is definitely less choice than there is for girls. I was stuck between a pair of trainers and these but went for these instead as they’re a lot more lightweight to walk in. I was indecisive whether to get the blue pair or the ash grey pair, but thought the ash grey would go with other outfits too! 
5. Pale Denim Jeans
I decided a pair of jeans instead of a funky pair of leggings off Etsy, purely for the fact that the leggings cost a lot of money when Joshua is so funny with sizing. His little legs don’t agree with his robust tummy hehe. So I’m playing it safe and sticking with some jeans instead! 

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