Joshua’s 10 Month Update

So I thought before Joshua turns a whole year old and I have to try and think of everything he can now do, that I may as well update you all now while I can! So 10 months, I can’t believe that Joshua is already 10 months old! Where does the time really go? It just seems to pass so quickly!
Joshua is a master as most things now and I’m really proud of how much he knows, he’s such a clever cloggs! Everyone told me that boys were ‘lazier’ than girls and reach milestones at a slower rate but I beg to differ! Joshua is conquering them all in no time!
So as far as weight goes, at 9.5 months he was 18lbs 3oz and he’s on the 25th centile line. Joshua is 72.5cm in length and is on the 50th centile, which is great considering when he was born he was on the 9th! So that’s a massive leap! He’s just fitting into 6-9 months clothes but the trousers are still far too long and the tops are really long on his arms but they’re perfect on his torso and waist.
We’re waking at least once a night for a bottle, but I don’t mind that, what I do mind is that it takes him almost an hour to fall back to sleep because he just constantly fidgets until he falls asleep. I’m sure it’ll pass though and getting down to one bottle a night is a great accomplishment for us!
Food is a rough subject for us. Joshua is allergic to eggs, tomatoes and bananas so we’re very limited with what we can give him. I still manage to give him 3 meals a day plus snacks (on top on his 3 bottles during the day too!). Joshua is under a dietitian, and we have to wait 3 months for his next review, but we’ve been advised to ensure that we exclude all eggs, tomatoes and bananas from his diet. This includes anything premade such as frozen chips, chicken nuggets, battered fish etc and anything containing additives. We’re hoping that excluding all of this we can conquer his eczema!
So the most exciting part about the update, milestones! Joshua can crawl, he started around 7 months I’m not sure on the exact date but it didn’t take him long to pick it up. Once he started crawling he instantly started pulling himself up against furniture and cruising along them. It was like they went hand-in-hand. He can say baba, dada and mama. I’m almost certain that he associates me with mama and Darren with dada but it could just be coincidence. He can clap and wave, either on his own accord or by copying one of us. Joshua can also play hide and seek using his blanket, probably one of his favourite games to play. Most recently he has started standing up without needing to hold onto anything. So he’s been standing, unaided, in the middle of the room for quite a long time. He has also tried to take a step!! Its so exciting watching him want to walk, I really don’t think it’ll be too long before he does take off!
Generally, he’s quite a happy and laid back little boy. He’s such a treasure to have around and loves playing with his big sister, she’s definitely the one that makes him smile and giggle the most.

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