Joshua | Two Months Old

Another month has passed. I cannot believe where these past few months have gone let alone how much he’s grown! So much has happened this past month compared to his first month, I’d almost forgotten just how quickly they do learn things at this age!

So for starters Joshua is currently in 0-3 month clothes but he isn’t going to be for much longer because everything is getting a bit tight around his belly haha. Joshua got weighed at 8 weeks old and he was 11lbs 12oz. That’s a huge gain considering he was only 7lbs at birth, makes me very proud knowing that all that weight is because of me!
Joshua is still breast fed, we’ve established an amazing supply now, he feeds anywhere between every hour to every 2 hours as we are still feeding on demand it really does just depend on him and what he wants. Joshua had a growth spurt at 7 weeks old and that was very hard. He fed every half hour to 45 minutes and it was a nightmare but it was over after a few days and he was back to normal! Joshua sleeps fairly well at night, he’ll do a 4 hour stretch from around 8:30/9pm but then he goes every 2 hours until 7am and its back to whenever he wants it. He’s also still in his moses basket, although most night we bed share as it’s easier to not only feed him but settle him back to sleep after.
Joshua’s cradle cap has come back and its proving difficult to remove this time round but I’m sure lots of coconut oil will help with that. Joshua has started loosing some of his hair at the back of his head where he has been rubbing his head when lying down although it isn’t too noticeable, he’s also got the hair on top of his head growing so he won’t look bald for much longer haha.
Eczema seems to play a bit of a roll in our family not only do me and Keira have it but Joshua has too, mainly on his cheeks and arms. The doctor has prescribed us a cream called Epaderm for it and that has been working so well! 
Joshua first smiled on the 17th of August at 5 weeks old. He has such a beautiful smile and he has dimples in his cheeks just like his big sister. He now smiles, coos and gurgles at everything! If he’s smiling at someone who isn’t looking at him he gurgles really loudly to get your attention, it is the cutest thing ever. On top of that his head control is absolutely phenomenal, it has been pretty much from the get go. To top it off he has now decided that he wants to sit up all the time and he gets frustrated when he can’t. 
So that’s how the past month has gone, I can’t wait to see everything he’ll be doing in another months time.

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