Joshua | 3 Months Old

How did this guy get to be 3 months old already!! He’s a right handsome chap and he’s such a happy baby! He only really moans when he’s tired or hungry, the rest of the time he’s either chatting away to us, laughing or shouting in excitement (already so vocal)! He’s just a pleasure to have around!

I haven’t had Joshua weighed so I’m not sure what he weighs now, but I can tell you he’s very heavy! He’s still in 0-3 months clothes although the vests and tops are getting a bit snug, especially around his arms, and the trousers are just starting to get a bit short on his legs. Joshua no longer fits in 0-3 months sleepsuits and we’ve had to upgrade him to 3-6 months. It won’t be long until he’s in all 3-6 months though.
Joshua is still breastfed, so I congratulate myself for getting to 3 months of breastfeeding, but I think this will be when my journey ends. He still feeds every hour and half to 2 hours day and night. Some nights he will wake every 20 minutes to nurse and it is killing me off. If I do move him over to formula, I won’t be doing it to ‘make him sleep longer’ because I know first hand that it doesn’t work like that (Keira was formula fed and a terrible sleeper) but it would be more so that I can have a break and let someone else look after him for a short while. With Keira around I don’t really have the time to express but I know as long as Joshua is happy and healthy with a full tummy that’s all that matters, but I made it to 3 months at least so I done well.
Joshua’s focus and vision is so good, he loves following me around the room as well as others. His favourite person to watch though is Keira, he loves to watch and giggle as she plays and interacts with him. It amazing to watch them so happy together. Joshua has also started to reach and hold things, he loves to grab his bib to have a chew on, as well as his toys. His favourite thing to do though is to rub his Cloud B Frankie the Fox while he falls asleep, it’s like his little comfort thing.
Joshua’s eczema isn’t really getting better, in act some days it gets worse but we are continuously at the doctors trying to find a cream for him that will help to settle it down. The constant changing of the weather doesn’t help either. But I am positive we’ll get it sorted soon.
Other than that, he is a very happy little boy and he’s such a joy to be around. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without either of them anymore. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

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