If I Didn’t Have Children (When I Did)

Ever wondered where you'd be, or what you would be doing, if you didn't have your children when you did?

There comes a point in my life where I always sit and wonder where I’d be or what I would be doing if I hadn’t of had children when I did. I know that my life would have been completely different, but just how different could it be?

I love my children and I definitely wouldn’t change my life at all but there is just something deep within that makes me wonder where I’d be, or what I’d be doing.

Before I fell pregnant with Keira, I had just been made redundant from my job so I was open to what I could have done with my life if I hadn’t of fallen pregnant. I might have fallen into another job where I was sat behind a screen, or maybe I had gone on to further my education. I have always loved the idea of working within the police force, could I be there? It’s possible!

So I’ve been out and about asking some amazing bloggers where they though they would be now, if they hadn’t have had children when they did.

“I was seriously considering doing my children’s nursing degree before I found out I was pregnant. Not that I wouldn’t now but priorities have changed and I don’t feel as amazingly passionate about it anymore tho I would like to. I’m still in the same job I was and caring for disabled children so probably not a massive difference really haha!”

Claire, Dear Mummy Bear

“Be stuck in the same sucky job moaning about how I don’t get to do anything fun. Had SmallHuman, met some awesome people and now launching a new Social Media Training Business in 2018.”

Sinead, Sinead Latham

“Sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping.”

Pete, Household Money Saving

“Using weekends for mini breaks, having ski holidays every year. Spending quality time with my husband that isn’t just an hour of exhaustion on the settee and probably working as an interpreter.”

Zoe, Lycra Widow

“I would be working in a school office, probably as a personal assistant doing a similar role that I had before I fell pregnant. The hours were long and it was hard work but I enjoyed it. I enjoy having my kids more though.”

Rachel, Indecisive Mum

“I’d have less wrinkles and grey hair, I’d swear less and be more chilled out. But it wouldn’t be half as much fun!”

Beth, Twinderelmo

“Possibly be a midwife or at least at uni! Failing that I’d probably still be throwing money around with not a lot to show for it.”

Amy, The Smallest of Things

“I had my kids at 43 and 45 so it was really was the ‘last chance saloon’ for me. I think my life would have been a bit of a waste if I hadn’t had them. My greatest sadness is that I couldn’t have had a bigger family.”

Linda, Mother Distracted

“I think I’d be a travel blogger. It was always my dream to be a travel writer and I’m pretty sure that I’d have ended up blogging whatever happened. I’d probably have about 10 dogs and live in the country with some goats, the nearest school not even cropping up on my radar. I would remember everyone’s birthdays and have long conversations with friends (that don’t have children obvs!) and idyllic weekends away with my husband. In reality, I’m sure it wouldn’t be so different from our life now, just quieter!”

Louise, Pink Pear Bear

“I would still be a Barrister and I would have become a part time Judge, and be working crazy hours. I would still have my lovely car and more swanky material things BUT I would never have moved to Paris, and I would never have started blogging or my own business. No regrets.”

Kate, Five Little Stars

It’s amazing to see that so many of us could have possibly had a much different life than we do now, things would definitely be much quieter that’s for sure! Then again, for me, that noise of your children is the light to the dark and boy do they make my world shine bright!

Where would you be now, if you hadn’t of had children when you did?

Ever wondered where you'd be, or what you would be doing, if you didn't have your children when you did?

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  1. I became a dad at 23. I am 24 now. I would probably still be traveling the world frequently and working hard to earn more income if I didn’t become a dad so early! I love my life now as a full-time dad though – wouldn’t change a thing.

  2. My kids are 2 and 4, so if I didn’t have kids when I did, I likely wouldn’t have them yet. As a little older mom, I probably would give up on being a mom if I had to made that decision now. Since I can’t change the past, I’ve never really thought about the what ifs.

  3. Oh man, well, I became a mom at 19. If I didn’t have my son, I’m not sure what I’d be doing. I think I had him for a reason–he has autism, so he taught me patience and how to be a better person. So if I hadn’t had him, I’d probably be out there, but not nearly as good.

  4. While I don’t have kids my mom was not planning me when she had me.
    Then someone told me once that when you plan kids you don’t have any but when you aren’t you do.

  5. I don’t have children, but my mum used to always say she’d have had her own pub if it wasn’t for me causing her to quit bar work and losse interest in going back

  6. Motherhood is such a wonderful and special experience. But I do think that at some point we’ve all wondered what life would be like if we had waited longer to have children enter our lives. For me, there’s no regrets. And as an empty-nester I’m enjoying the freedom this new chapter of my life is offering me.

  7. I have one child and he just turned a year old. If not mommy life I would be working right now. And probably longing to have kids.

  8. They have interesting answers! I am not a mom yet but I take care of my niece everyday. Childcare is expensive and it’s hard to trust other people with the baby so I decided to sacrifice a little for her.

  9. interesting read especially someone who has no kids! in a way, it makes me realize the freedom i have which is really very valuable to me….actually one of the major reasons that i chose not to have kids….www.crayonized.com

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