How We Ditched the Dummy!

When I was pregnant with Keira I always said that she was going to have a dummy blah blah blah. At a few days old she was happily sucking away on this little dummy and she looked so cute, I couldn’t bring myself to take it off her, and the relationship with the dummy was born.

How We Ditched the Dummy!

In my head I kept saying we’ll get to a year and take it off her, but a year passed and she was heavily reliant so it. So I said come 18 months we’ll definitely take it off her, cold turkey. At that point I stopped giving her the dummy during the day and limited it to naps and bedtime only. Luckily enough she took well to that and it was an easy transition. There was only a few times that she asked for it but that soon stopped.
18 months soon arrived and we had our first attempt at a nap without the dummy, I was heavily pregnant with Joshua at the time but it was something we needed to do. So we lay on mommy’s and daddy’s bed and cuddled while I sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. It took her a while, and lots of crying but she eventually fell asleep. Then came bed time, not quite so easy. I can’t remember exactly just how long it took her to fall asleep but it felt like forever. We awoke several times that night to Keira screaming for her dummy. At 4am I gave in and she had it back, she never woke up again till 8am!

We tried again the next night but it was even worse.

After the seventh sleepless night I caved. It was obvious that she wasn’t ready to give it up just yet and I was lacking much needed sleep. So we back to dummy nights filled with lots of sleep. 

Just after Keira’s second birthday we tried again but no such luck. It was just as bad. Though I never felt too bad because she was still only having it at naps and bedtime.
Around Easter time, so when Keira was 2 and 3 or 4 months old, I had a thought. Something just clicked and I felt like it was the right time. I had a spare Easter egg and a bit of ribbon. 
So I told Keira that Princess Holly from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom was in need of her dummy so that a new little baby could have it. Keira happily handed over her dummy and we tied a ribbon on it. I then told her that Princess Holly would leave her a surprise in the morning in replace of her dummy and she was super excited about that. So we put her dummy on the window sill and got tucked up into bed. Keira asked for her dummy a few times but there was no tears and it didn’t even take her that long to get to sleep.
In the morning she instantly asked for her dummy and with a little reminder of the surprise from Princess Holly she ran to the windowsill and saw the Easter egg waiting for her with a little thank you note. Chocolate for breakfast isn’t that bad, is it?
From then on we’ve been dummy free and never looked back! Now I’ve got this to look forward to with Joshua and Zara, except Joshua LOVES his dummy. No way will he be ready any time soon.

Need some tips?

1. Don’t rush it, wait till they’re ready. Some children are more attached to a dummy than others so it’s best, and easier, to wait until they’re ready.
2. Use their favourite character. Keira responded really well to Princess Holly so that was a real help.
3. If you have to revert or need to give in then that’s okay. Tomorrow is always another day and sleep is much needed to function!
What did you find works better for you?
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  1. Great advice. Our first never had a dummy but ended up sucking his thumb which was a really hard habit to break (took till he was 4). So this time round we went with the dummy and it's been great, after the first few months she only had it for sleeping and always thought we'd get rid at 1. She was 2 in August and still has it but I am starting to think about ways to persuade her to give it up. I'm wondering if I can persuade her to leave it for Santa in exchange for an extra present x

  2. I still remember with my eldest whenever I needed a dummy I could never find one, but as soon as I took his away to try and quite the habit he kept finding them from somewhere, so it took a while til I had found his 'stash' 😉 Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  3. We tried the tactic of cold turkey a couple of times but in the end we found that planting the seed verbally that she didn't need it anymore worked. One day, out of the blue, our daughter 'simply' decided she didn't need a dummy anymore. Bingo! #picknmix

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