Growth Scan Update | Baby #2

I completely forgot all about writing up this last week! So it’s super late! I do apologise!!
So last week Monday we had to go for our follow up growth scan just to ensure that baby was still growing okay and so that they had something to compare the first scan to. Everything was absolutely perfect though, baby was growing at just the right rate (still within the 50th centile).
Baby was weighing approximately 6lbs 2oz which means he/she has gained just under 1lb in two weeks which works out right to the calculations, as they say baby should gained half a pound a week. So if that continues then baby should weigh approximately 7 and a half pounds at 40 weeks! Assuming he/she doesn’t decide to pile on a load of weight before then haha.
The sonographer said we didn’t have to go for another scan as everything was measuring perfectly so now it’s just a waiting game for baby to arrive so we can see him/her!
If you hadn’t of guessed we still don’t know the gender, we almost gave in on the day of the scan but it seemed pretty pointless to find out the gender at 37 weeks!

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