Fisher-Price BeatBo Range

When BeatBo first came on the scene I knew that my kids would love them. Joshua was always playing with the BeatBo at his cousin’s house when we went to visit so I knew I had to get him one of his own. I’m glad I didn’t because it’s one of the toys that gets played with day-in-day-out, and his tunes are pretty funky! So when I was asked if we wanted to test and review a few toys from the BeatBo range, there was no way I was going to turn that down.

Brightย Beats Juniors

This little fella has been the biggest hit with Zara. She absolutely loves him and he goes everywhere with him! He’s like a little mini BeatBo with a wobbly head. Available for 6 months and plus, Bright Beats Juniors play some pretty funky tunes (I’ve found myself dancing away to them) and the wobbly head helps to reinforce cause and effect as well as fine motor skills. His belly lights up and changes colours whilst the music is playing and it’sย really loud! I’m glad there’s an on and off switch!

Bright Beats Buggies

Next we have this cute little fella. He’s like a car version of the real BeatBo and he is so cool! The BeatBo Buggies are for 9 months plus and have a crazy selection of music for little ones to dance along to. Zara loved this little car and pushes him along the floor after she’s pressed his face to start the lights and sounds. This is really helpful to boost baby’s motor skills while they have a little boogie! I love this little guy, he’s so cute and he isn’t as loud as the BeatBo juniors but he doesn’t have an on or off switch so he tends to go off randomly when knocked in the bag. But that’s minor because he’s so cute!

Bright Beats Learning Lights Dance Mat

Finally we have the amazing dance mat, but for kids! I’d seen this a few times before so I knew the kids would love this, and sure enough they do! All 3 of the children play on the mat and they have so much fun dancing around with BeatBo. The mat has sensors on the bottom of it so that when pressed lights and sounds start, reinforcing cause and effect. There are several games for your little one to play with BeatBo that help to teach colours, shapes, number, ABC’s and several dance moves. There is nothing my kids love more than a good dance party. So now we have several BeatBo toys all going off at the same time whilst they run around the living room dancing to the cool tunes. The Fisher-Price Dance Mat is suitable from 9 to 36 months and probably even higher if you’ve got a kid that loves to have a wiggle about.

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  1. Oh these look cool! I don’t have kids but I know fisher price has been popular with my cousins kids! Wonder if they know about these!

  2. I have seen these advertised and have heard wonderful things about the BeatBo toys. I plan to get the Buggies for two of my kids and the possibly the dance mat. They look like such fun toys for kids!

  3. Aww, these ones make me a little sad that my kids are too old to really be interested in them. We love dance parties too, but my daughters are 8 and 13 so they like a lot of pop hits and Kidz Bop these days. We have a little toddler neighbor who would LOVE this though – I’m going to recommend it to her mom!

  4. Ah these look really cute and your children obviously really enjoy them too! My brother is having his first baby in a few weeks so this is one to bookmark for future presents!

  5. That dance mat makes me think of the one you used to be able to get for the PlayStation way back when. Get them grooving early on, they’ll be impressing on the dancefloor in no time!

  6. This line is so cute, it is a perfect baby shower or one-year-old birthday present. It is hard when you don’t have kids with knowing what to get for someone, this is so helpful!

  7. This is one of the cutest toys that I have ever seen. I’m on amazon about to buy one for my son! I think he’ll love it! Thanks for the recommendation!

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