First Birthday Gift Guide

With Joshua’s first birthday fast approaching I’ve been struggling to think of presents to buy him. Everything that I get suggested we already have from Keira and of course I don’t need two of everything! I’m trying not to go crazy, we barely have any room for anything as it is, but I don’t want to get him nothing. So I put together this little blog with hopes that it helps not only me, but you too if you’re struggling like I am!

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I never got any of these for Keira, but we did manage to pick up a fire engine while it was on sale, Keira never shows an interest in it but Joshua has spent ages playing with it. This is what lead me to my first thought of getting some of these toys. They are quite pricey though, what toys aren’t these days, but they seem fun and it’s something different to keep in our house.
2. First Pair of Clarks Shoes
I never thought about buying Joshua a pair of shoes for his first birthday, I wasn’t expecting him to walk so quickly, but it seems we could do with a pair now. We bought Keira a pair for her first birthday so it seems like a good idea! Whether you’re baby is crawling, cruising or walking Clarks cater for all!
These look fantastic! It’s a shame that Joshua is too short them at the moment, but they would be perfect for him to scoot around on! 
I remember these being around when I was little so I thought what a better idea than to get one for Joshua. I never really considered them for Keira, but then I wasn’t really looking for outdoor toys considering her birthday is in winter. But it’s definitely on my list for Joshua.
As I mentioned above, Keira’s birthday is in the winter so we never looked at outdoor toys but it’s all I’ve been looking at for Joshua with a summer birthday. So a slide seemed appropriate for the garden! 
As for other ideas, keepsakes make great presents. There are so many little shops on Etsy and eBay that will make personalised items for your little ones extra special day. These are just a few ideas to help you find something to get as a birthday gift. I have found that as they get older, they want to play with smaller, more noisier toys and more messier toys. 
Creative things are a big hit too, anything like Play Doh, painting or colouring or just a simple craft box are great ideas! 

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