Discipline Your Children!

Like every other parenting subject out there, discipline is another controversial one. Everyone has their own way of dealing with things and not everything works for everyone. You just have to do what is best for you and your family. I’m not here to judge you on your parenting choices just as I hope you aren’t here to judge me on mine, but I thought I would make a post that gives you an idea of how I parent my little ones.
I do try to take the gentle approach to parenting and not be a shouty mom but sometimes that goes out the window and the voice takes over, especially whilst I’m pregnant and the weather is stupidly muggy. 
With Keira being two and a half and Joshua 11 months they both have to be treated differently for discipline because what would work for Keira definitely wouldn’t work for Joshua and vice versa. Joshua doesn’t really get disciplined, he’s still a baby and doesn’t really do anything “naughty”. He certainly isn’t aware of anything he is doing wrong. If he does hit or pull the dog’s tail we generally just give him a firm no and move him away, especially if he’s looking at doing something that could potentially hurt him. For example he has a thing for opening and closing doors or the safety gate (which he has pulled off the wall a few times) so we just have to remove him from that situation so that he doesn’t potentially hurt himself.
As for Keira we tend to count to 3, giving her chances in between each number, before a firm no and removal from whatever she was doing. I always give 3 chances but counting to 3 is generally the final chance. If by the count of 3 she hasn’t stopped then, depending on what she was doing and how she is reacting to it, she’ll either be put on time out or she sits next to me for a quiet chat. So for example, if she’s in a mood where she wants to constantly push Joshua then it usually resorts to the sofa for a chat about how it isn’t nice to push someone over etc. If she’s doing something she shouldn’t be like constantly throwing her toys or having a melt down then its normally a time out for a couple of minutes and then a cuddle. I use the time out as a way for her to calm herself down else she ends up working herself up too much. 
I try my hardest not to shout, but sometimes I have to. Especially if she’s doing something potentially dangerous, like jumping off the table or running towards the road. Overall Keira’s generally on good behaviour and I always offer a treat for good behaviour (normally a big shiny sticker). 
I don’t use spanking or anything like that and distraction no longer works for either of mine. Joshua is far too cheeky to be distracted from doing anything. It took us a while to try and find what worked best for Keira and now that we’ve got it I can guarantee that it’ll have to be changed again to suit her needs.

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  1. Discipline is definetly one of those topics we talk about the most, for us we don't use any form of spanking etc, we don't have a "naughty step", or time out, we don't use the word "naughty" & we talk calmly about behaviour that's not acceptable etc & if he's feeling angry he knows he can go to his bedroom to calm down (that was his idea) I'm not saying I'm calm all the time but as a rule of thumb haha. Being pregnant also has its challenges but with A being 3 going on 4, it's a lot different than when he was younger. I like to think we're a lot more confident than when we started out 🙂 great post X

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