Dear Keira

Oh Keira, you’ve been a blessing from the day of that positive pregnancy test. You really are the bravest little girl I know, as well as the best big sister there ever was!

I know it’s hard to spend time alone with mommy now, especially as Joshua and Zara are so demanding of my time. But I will always make time to spend with you, even when you’re being a pickle at bedtime. I don’t mind reading that book a few more times until you’re settled.

You really have come leaps and bounds the past few months and you’re turning into a clever little lady with a cheeky personality and I really am super proud of everything you do. You amaze me with every new thing you learn. 
All that aside, I’m sorry that I can’t watch every jump you do or that I can’t wipe your bum as soon as you’ve finished on the potty. I’m sorry that you don’t get as many cuddles any more because mommy has to share them with Joshua and Zara too but that doesn’t mean I won’t give you as many as you ask for.
I’m sure you love all the extra colouring time you get, as well as the extra play doh time (even after you’ve rubbed it onto the sofa several times), and let’s not forget all the extra snacks and treats you’ve been getting. 
You’re the big, big sister now and not only do you have Joshua looking up to you, and learning from you, but now you have Zara looking up to you too. It’s very clear just how much love Joshua and Zara have for you already, it’s also obvious just how much you love them too. 
I’m not denying that you’re not a big pain in the bum, because those tantrums really are the end of the world, but you’re still the sweetest little girl I know!
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