Dear Joshua

So you’ve been apart of our lives for just over two months now and what a wonderful two months they have been. You have fitted into our family so well and it is like you have been here all along.

I’m sorry that Keira is very noisy and keeps you awake when you’re tired, she just likes to make herself known! She does love you very much and she is forever showering you with kisses and cuddles. Keira has been an amazing big sister to you.

You’re personality is beginning to shine through and you’re such a cheeky monkey. You love smiling when mommy and daddy make funny noises and you get really excited when Keira tickles your belly. You love sleeping in mommy’s arms with your head on my chest, listening to my heartbeat. It must be very soothing for you. You’re not the biggest fan of sleeping with daddy, but you’re getting used to it.

You love it when mommy sneaks you into bed during the night and you snuggle up really close to me, making sure you breathe really loudly so that I know you’re okay. You wake me up by little squeaks and grunts to tell me you’re hungry and you drift back off to sleep once you’re done feeding.

I love you very much little Joshua, you make mommy and daddy very happy. Even if you have pooped and peed all over us both, as well as the countless times you’ve been sick all over mommy’s clothes and hair (sometimes causing mommy to change more times than you have to!).

All my love,
Mommy xo

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