Dear Joshua

Welcome to the big brother club. You probably wasn’t expecting to join this club, at least not this soon anyway. So here is my apology to you.
I’m sorry that you’ve had to grow up far too quickly then you probably would have liked. You’re still a baby yourself (or at least you like to think so) and you’re still very dependant on mommy and daddy.

I’m sorry that when you call me, cry or ask to be picked up I can’t attend straight away as I’m usually tending to your little sister at the time.
I’m sorry that your breakfast, lunch or dinner was late, again. I promise I’ll get it out on time one day. For now though, I’m sure you’re enjoying that extra biscuit.
I’m sorry that our cuddle time now involve your little sister as well as your big sister. Two arms really isn’t enough.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t prepare you enough for the addition to our little family. I would have liked for you to have been able to understand but you just couldn’t so you was completely unaware of what was going to happen.
I’m sorry that I’m not able to spend as much time playing as I used to, your little sister is very demanding and she isn’t aware of anyone else at the moment.
Most of all, I’m sorry for having to kick you out of our bed sooner than you hoped for. You were such a fidget pants and you really enjoyed kicking me or head butting me as you tried to get comfortable, but you’ve done so well to sleep in your cot. I am super proud!
But I’m sure you enjoy all those extra cuddles and kisses you get as soon as daddy is home from work. Mommy is able to spend more time with you then, I know you still love your belly being tickled and being spun upside down! I know that you love a good dance to your BeatBo and I’ll always sing “Baa Baa Black Sheep” to you whenever you shout baa baa!
Just know that my love for you hasn’t decreased, I still love you just the same.
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