When I first had Keira, I wasn’t fully aware of co-sleeping and although she did spend a few nights in our bed, she spent most of her sleeping hours in the cot. When Joshua arrived, the only place he would sleep was next to me and he still does to this day!

I know there are numerous health professionals that state that co-sleeping is dangerous and that baby should sleep in either moses basket or cot but what no one does it explain how to co-sleep safely and the benefits of co-sleeping.

As much as I do love co-sleeping with Joshua, he’s a right fidget pants and I always get woken by either a headbutt or a kick! Co-sleeping became the thing to do for us when Joshua was very young and he wouldn’t settle in either a moses basket, crib or cot. He had to be next to me to sleep. It also made it easier to breastfeed him as he was wanting to feed hourly to 2 hourly for months so it was just easier than having to get up and down all hours of the night. We followed all the guidelines suggested and ensured that he was never under the duvet and he’s been perfect. He’s never rolled off the bed and he’s always been at a comfortable temperature. More recently he’s decided that he doesn’t like anything covering his legs and feet when he sleeps so if the duvet does get onto him, he quickly kicks it off.

I’m happy enough to continue co-sleeping with Joshua for as long as he needs but every now and then we do try and put him in his cot to see how he goes although it never lasts that long. I just know that he won’t want to sleep in my bed forever so I’m happy to enjoy those night time cuddles for as long as need be.

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