A Christmas Trip with a Baby – What to Expect

Traveling with a baby can be incredibly stressful, never mind traveling during the busy holidays. Here's what you can expect.

Traveling during the holiday season sounds like a marvelous idea, that is, until you actually start packing and organising everything. Then it becomes a true mess. The traffic is jammed and the airports are crowded with all the other people who came up with the same idea as you. If you factor a newborn into that equation, the situation will become even crazier, and before you know it, you’ll wish you’d never left your home in the first place. Still, if you organise everything perfectly and if you know what to expect, this may end up being your best vacation yet.

Your baby is stronger than you think

For the first months after a baby is born, parents are, naturally, treating them with care and attention, and want to keep them as close to their home as possible. This means traveling, even for a short-distance is a big no-no. However, infants are much stronger than parents think and by their third month, they are perfectly fit for low-key travel.

Timing is everything

When planning your trip, you need to make a schedule for your trip a few days prior to the holidays just in case there is bad weather, flight delays or illnesses. Also, this will help you avoid the peak of the vacation season and all the crowd that goes with it. Additionally, you should consider the time of the day when you start your trip, because it would be ideal for your little one to sleep through the entire turmoil.

Pack with care

Packing for holiday travel can be a real fuss. Packing for holiday travel with your baby is downright stressful. However, you need to do your best to prepare everything you need to keep your little bundle of joy safe, comfy and happy. Here’s a short checklist:

  • Health and safety: include a first-aid kit which consists of tools to deal with any minor medical problems that can come up along the way, including prescription medicine. Even if you are travelling during the winter season, you need to pack sunscreen and other protective and nourishing organic baby products. A hat for the sun or the cold is also a must.
  • For the ride: if you are traveling by car, your baby will need to be in a car seat (you can bring the car seat for public transit as well), which should be comfortable and supporting. Also, you may need removable shade screens for the windows to protect your baby from the sun. If you are flying by plane, buy an airplane baby seat.
  • Baby essentials: Pack baby clothes, nappies and baby formula if you are not breastfeeding.

Traveling can be chaotic

Traveling is sometimes stressful and chaotic even for adults. There are all sorts of unpleasant situations you can face. For example, the baby’s ears can hurt from air pressure changes. This can be addressed by breastfeeding or with a soother. Jet lag can also be a serious problem for the little one’s sleeping schedule. Prevent this by adapting the baby’s sleeping schedule a couple of days before the trip.

Before you arrive…

Grandma’s house or an inn in the mountains are both ideal places for you and the baby to spend your first Christmas together, but regardless of the glowing Christmas tree, numerous shiny decorations and a warm and cozy fireplace, you will need to make sure your destination is perfectly safe before you arrive. Depending on the place you’ve chosen, you may need to make a couple of calls to check whether the house/hotel is childproofed and, if not, what can be done about it before you get there.

After you overcome all the crowds, jet lag, traffic jams and baby’s crying fits, you will finally wind up at your destination, hear the jingle bells in the air, smell the apple-cinnamon pie and hot chocolate, and have the first of many amazing holidays with your kid.

This is a guest post by Brigitte Evans, you can read her lovely blog, High Style Life, here.

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  1. Fantastic post! We took my youngest to the US (took us 3 flights and almost 24 hours of travel) and it’s the easiest time to travel with them. It”s the toddler stage when things really get tricky!

  2. I think with any trip whether you have a baby, toddler or your child it’s so important to research and be prepared for long delays at this time of the year. Great tips and fantastic post

    Laura x

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